I’m a Lenny & Larry’s Ambassador!

I’m proud to announce that I’m now a Lenny & Larry’s Ambassador! That’s right – in exchange for treats, some of which I can share with you, I’m going to become one of those “brand mouthpieces.” Except you’ll love it, because baked goods

The products of the fitness world used to be kind of a secret. Now the industry is blowing up; everybody wears Nike and Lulu out like it’s a normal outfit (on the West Coast at least), amateurs are getting fit with new technologies, and even people who don’t work out regularly are taking supplements and re-hashing their diets, in order to be more healthy and have more energy for general physical activities.

When you’re trying to lose body fat and training for a half marathon, snickerdoodles, muffins, and peanut butter brownies are not typically on the menu. The average baked treat is going to cost you half of your total carb & sugar intake for the day, so why give in? Well, because those things are delicious. That’s why.

In an earlier post I briefly went into how awesome Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies are – each cookie has a whopping 16 grams of protein (from soy, wheat, and pea sources) and 6 grams of fiber, clocking in at around 420 calories depending on which of the 7 flavors you fancy. While you’re still technically eating a cookie, the nutritional benefit is actually substantial, making L&L products perfect for gym rat types.

Since my last post I’ve seen a couple of new Complete Cookie flavors come out such as Lemon Poppy, Pumpkin, and Snickerdoodle, my personal favorite thing ever of all time. But L&L do more than just cookies. They offer two different kinds of brownies, one for the muscle builder (20g protein) as well as the FIT brownies (13g protein, 7g fiber) for a fiber-rich snack that aligns with a weight loss routine. Also on the menu is Muscle Muffins – sounds absolutely amazing for a breakfast substitute.

ALL of Lenny & Larry’s treats are vegan – no animal products are used, and neither are gross preservatives. If I am gonna cheat on my diet, I’m damn well gonna do it in style. They do have gluten though; not for celiacs.

There are almost too many flavors and options in their store for me to possibly explain. You can even choose from a number of monthly membership boxes. Just check out their shop and see what speaks to you! I guarantee having just a couple of their cookies lying around will help you avoid unnecessary snacks with empty calories – when it really counts, like training season.

Other reasons to love L&L – they dedicated a special Instagram post for 4/20, and they recently put out this hilarious ad, shaming those among us who think kale is a viable snack option in any format and encouraging everyone to #FeedTheModels.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Lenny & Larry’s Ambassador!

  1. I just became an ambassador as well and was wondering if they send free products to us, or if they only give us discounts. Could you help?

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