Medicate Without the Lag: Outset Edibles

If you’re new to the scene, and looking to get more fruit AND cannabis in your diet, I think I’ve found the perfect medicated product for you!

But first – let me clear up a misconception about medical marijuana.

Lots of people who are non-cannabis-users are still out there perpetuating the message that “medical marijuana” is a hoax, and that people are abusing the law to get high. It’s pretty much wrong, and this stigmatized rhetoric hurts real patients.

While it’s true that there are many recreational users in the system, many individuals who others might deem “too healthy” are also utilizing the patient system for more minor ailments such as PTSD, migraines, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia and even the pains of PMS.

That being said, in California, there is still A LOT of work to be done when it comes to improving the quality of medicine at the dispensaries.

Many patients are choosing not to smoke because it’s tough on the lungs and throat, and leaves a conspicuous odor. So they go for an edible product, typically dosed anywhere from 15 to 100mg THC. The problem is that the ideal dose for most patients is around 5-10mg THC – meaning the majority of patients are technically overdosing on edibles.

While a “THC overdose” won’t hurt or kill you, I guarantee you won’t enjoy it.

The Outset Edibles brand was developed as a direct result of a bad experience with an improperly-dosed edible.


Have you ever had an experience with a too-strong edible? There’s such a thing as being “too high,” and it’s pretty awful.

THC metabolizes much differently in the digestive system than it does in the lungs, creating an effect that can feel much more psychedelic than just smoking a bit of flower.

I had many a homemade cookie or brownie back home in Sacramento that put me on my ass for the entire night, or laughing uncontrollably at a blank computer screen. It’s not a good look, and it’s definitely not an effective way to medicate.

Many of the legal edibles at California dispensaries are still dosed way too high for most patients, or are improperly labeled for how strong they are, making it difficult for non-smokers to find a consistent product that is good for everyday consumption.

Well, the creators of Outset are two awesome active types from the Bay Area who finally decided to create the edible that health nuts and athletes need.

Their medicated dried fruit crisps only have 100mg THC per bag, meaning just a few pieces will have you feeling pleasant and give you the anti-inflammatory effects desired for many activities, such as running, hiking and rock climbing, yoga, and boardsports such as surfing, snowboarding, and wakesports.

These low-dose edibles are perfect for beginners, but they also work awesome for the more experienced user as a pre-workout. There are no added sugars.

Imagine your regular yoga or hike with just 10mg THC added, and no sticky, sugary treat sitting in your stomach. Mmmmm.

I had one before running a chill 5K – but I probably wouldn’t recommend them for your most intense days.


These are new, but quickly coming to dispensaries statewide (California only – sorry outa state friends!).





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      1. Yeah but it’s not doing you any favors discounting your disease. The tide is changing. I did my master thesis on medical cannabis for children and adolescents. Overwhelming majorities of people understand the importance of medical cannabis

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