Cancel Your Subscriptions; You Only Need This One Filled with Cannabis.

A romantic Valentine’s Day gift box filled to the brim with potent and sexy marijuana products? Why the heck didn’t I think of this?!

Such were my thoughts when I opened the MBox for the very first time.

mbox2 - 1

I’ve gotten sucked into a few subscription boxes the last year or two – and those I haven’t purchased, I’ve gotten a glimpse from friends or from browsing social media.

I haven’t seen ANYONE making a quality cannabis subscription box like this.

Many companies are trying to form a passionate customer base around a curated, direct-shipped box of cannabis (marijuana) products. However, obvious backlash from the postal service has forced several of these ideas out of existence or into expensive private-courier shipping models.

Most of the boxes don’t contain cannabis at all, and instead are filled up with “accessories” like glass pipes, joint papers, grinders, and non-medicated candy, Doritos or other stereotypical “munchies” – not exactly my cup of tea as an active, health-conscious professional.

All that is fun, but MBox is really like an exclusive club. It provides a truly upscale experience and sleek, attractive packaging that you’ll want to put on display, not throw in the trash.

mbox - 1 (1).jpg

Looking for the March: IMAGINE MBox? Look no further.

As a self-proclaimed “cannabis connoisseur” and former budtender, I’ve tried hundreds of different products from different brands of vaporizer cartridges, to crafty edibles and medicated beverages, but just like with anything else I usually end up getting the same products over and over again because it’s “the usual.” MBox is great for people like me because it allows me to experience new favorites that I otherwise might not have access to.

mbox3 - 1
Almost unmentionable 😉

Joining ClubM is also a great idea if you’re new to the medical marijuana world. Dispensaries can be intimidating, overpriced, and depending on where you live, inauthentic as far as their definition of product quality. ClubM allows you to learn about and try the latest products right from the comfort and discretion of your home.

mbox2 - 1 (1)
I can personally vouch for Bhang Chocolates – edibles can make my stomach feel funny, but these are always smooth and consistent. Truly great if I can keep them from melting in the San Diego sun.

Each month, the products you receive in your MBox will be totally different. Some may include edibles, while others may include some flower, a topical treatment, or a mix. The products are curated (no substitutions allowed) to fit a new creative theme every month – and the items are kept totally secret until you open the box.

The March theme is “Imagine.” The suspense of not knowing quite what that means is exciting, and definitely draws me into being a part of the MBox brand for the long term!

All in all, the MBox gives the customer a 3-dimensional experience with cannabis. The February LOVE box provided for a tantalizing and mind-bending Valentine’s Day or romantic evening in. You can count on them to design a box that will open your mind to new ways of enjoying cannabis at home or with the people you love.

Here’s your exclusive invite to ClubM.


mbox - 1


  • Bhang Chocolate Bar Edible – Dark Chocolate/Candy Cane (240mg THC)
  • Bhang Stick – Hybrid Strain Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Cartridge (275mg THC)
  • Bhang Stick – Private Reserve Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Cartridge (275mg THC)
  • Bhang Stick battery, charger & aluminum case
  • Foria Pleasure personal lubricant (YES – the one you’ve heard all about!)
  • “Potella” – Cannabis-infused Edible Body Paint (50mg THC)
  • (2) Heart-Shaped Cannabis-Infused Gummies (25mg THC each)
  • Sangria Scented Candle from Burn Candle Co.
  • (2) Sexy Incense Sticks
  • Package of Artisan Cajun-Spiced Pretzels (because you know. #munchies)

All of this is around a $200 value at the dispensary, for $97/month shipped.

There’s a waiting list for this exclusive club, but luckily since you know me, you can jump the line 😜

Keep in mind it’s only available for compliant Prop 215 medical marijuana patients in California.

I’ll be reviewing the individual products on social media if you follow me there. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about any of these products, or medical cannabis in general! Comment below or drop me a line at


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