With Ones Herbs Launches Online

I’ll admit it – I smoke.

Lots of different “herbal blends.” Let’s not get into it right now, okay? Obviously it’s not typically perceived as healthy, and my purpose was never to preach to you, was it? But hear me out.

I’ve had the pleasure of discovering a San Francisco entrepreneur, Jes, who just this past Tuesday night launched a new signature line of smoking herbs.


Called “With Ones Herbs,” the focus of this brand is on maintaining a healthy mind-body-soul connection. Holistic and beautiful.

You may already know how much the aromas and essential oils of some herbs can calm the body and the mind – or maybe you use some in your beauty or skincare regimen. Well, smoking herbs have been used medicinally, socially and for heightening spiritual consciousness since the beginning of human civilization.

I think Jes said it best on the “About” page:

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with smoking, but I think there are problems with the way we smoke and what we smoke. Nearly all popular cigarette brands contain prefabricated chemicals that destroy our bodies and distance ourselves from what the earth naturally provides. Tobacco is an herb, just as lavender and St. John’s Wort are herbs. Many plants offer physical and/or spiritual benefits when smoked.

Right now, Jes is offering three exclusive blends:

  • Calm It Down: Lavender, damiana, mugwort and calendula flower. “Our signature blend provides a consistent smoke guaranteed to intrigue and delight your senses while providing just a touch of dream enhancement.”
  • Into The Woods: Lavender, St. John’s Wort, yerba santa and licorice root. “This blend is crafted to illuminate nature’s way of mellowing anxiety and awakening your senses.”
  • The Goddess Blend: Sage, lavender, motherwort, and raspberry leaf. “A flavorful everyday smoke that can be useful in meditation, ritual, or spiritual practice.”

These can be smoked as-is for a delightful flavor experience, but they would also be perfect for rolling in tobacco or cannabis! Or, if you prefer to use a vaporizer, these would add an excellent flavor and effect to your normal routine.

Whether you want to save for a special occasion, or light up when you need to have a good think in your bubble bath, these smoking herbs are the future and you can hold me to that. I can’t wait to get my hands on a set of my own.


Buy blends alone for $12 or try the multi-pack, all three flavors for $30 (plus shipping).

Follow With Ones Herbs on Facebook & Instagram to keep up with Jes’ awesome future ideas too! 

So there, if you’re cool enough to roll your own cigarettes, or just ready to take your new-age persona to a whole new level – help a homie out. 😊


**I don’t condone or recommend smoking to ANYONE looking to get healthy, but I DO recommend finding healthier natural alternatives if you do.**


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