Imagine! What’s in the March MBox

Before the month is up, I wanted to share with you the latest package of goodies from ClubM!

If you are wondering what this is all about, check last month’s post on February’s LOVE box.

I knew right off the bat that this set of products would have a different theme, and you’ll hear no disappointment here. Since March finds itself host to the late Albert Einstein’s birthday (Pi Day!), this month’s package caters to pursuits of the mind with exclusively sativa-dominant products.

2016-03-30 02.50.32 1 (1).jpg

If you’re new to the cannabis world, don’t get too hung up on the indica/sativa classifications! These are old-school terms that try to describe how a particular strain of cannabis will make you feel. While sativa strains are more energetic and can make you laugh or really get into a book or TV show, indica are typically reserved for pain relief, sleep and sedation. Since most strains these days have been cross-bred or modified in some way, there’s an even wider range of effects to choose from than simply “up” or “down.”

Einstein was not only a logician, but a creative visual thinker whose theories reached far into the future. One could say that consuming cannabis sativa puts you a little closer to his level of genius and ingenuity.

One thing I love about this box is that you can play around with different dosages.

The Stokes Micro Mints are only 5mg, but I felt a considerable effect from just one! It’s a fantastic edible for the beginner, or for going out and socializing.

On the other hand, you can try dabbing, which contrary to popular belief is NOT the idiotic endzone dance that everyone’s been doing lately.

2016-03-30 02.57.04 1.jpg

Dabbing is taking a dose of extremely potent medical marijuana, and it’s not to be fucked with. That being said, it might really benefit your mood if you suffer from depression or inflammation.

Remember to start small with dabs until you are more comfortable with the dose, and if you get in on this edition of the MBox, you’ll have your very own portable vaporizer and won’t have to worry about the scary bong/blowtorch combo.

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Here’s your exclusive invite to ClubM.



2016-03-30 02.51.29 1.jpg


  • IVXX Shatter Concentrate – Joker [Sativa strain] (0.5g)
  • IVXX Wax Concentrate – Dreamweaver [Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain] (0.5g)
  • High Quality Metal Dabber Tool
  • Bronto GNEO Dome Atomizer for Concentrates
  • Stokes Confections Mint Micros, Sativa (20 @ 5mg THC each)
  • MightyMeds CLARITY Sativa Vaporizer Cartridge (600mg; 70% THC)
  • MightyMeds 510 Vape Battery, Charger, and Vape Case
  • 2 Tea Bags, Masala Chai & Eearl Grey (non-medicated)
  • [Extremely Frustrating] Wood Cube 3D Puzzle

This particular box values at around $250 retail, for only $97/month shipped! Incredible deal, and fun to celebrate a new box every month.

Keep in mind it’s only available for compliant Prop 215 medical marijuana patients in California. (for now!)

I’m telling you, if you are looking to get into the higher-end world of medical cannabis, you have to join Club M.


2 thoughts on “Imagine! What’s in the March MBox

  1. I am 63 years old and never dreamed in a million years that I would want to try medical marijuana! But I am at the end of my rope with the pain I endure every single day and it has gotten so much worse. One pain doctor almost insisted that I have a moraphine pump put in me. I refused and he dropped me as a patient !!! I have used any naracotic pain reliever on the market. They did helped but but had no effect on my energy!!! I have a lot of health issues but none of them led to death. But I have no life. I used to blow and go and loved it. You are my last resort. I live in Texas. Can you, Is there anyway you can help me. Please please resond to my me plea for help. I need help and this is the only chance! Please help me
    Melody Horn 409-370_1067.


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