Holistic Cannabis Summit: Attend a Cannabis & Health Conference Online!

I’m excited to share an amazing event with all my readers who are interested in learning about the intersection of cannabis and health!

Next week, April 4-7 is the Holistic Cannabis Summit.

This conference takes place 100% online, allowing you to watch world-class speakers from the comfort of your couch or office. Perfect for those who live internationally or in states where the regulated cannabis industry has not yet broken ground!

The Holistic Cannabis Summit will include tons of speakers who really know the cannabis industry and are looking toward the future in terms of improving access, legalization, legitimizing the cannabis investment community, and overall, getting more people gainfully employed in this industry.

Registration for the Summit is free and simple – just sign up on the Holistic Cannabis Network website for full access to over 20 interviews and presentations, over the course of four days that will take you to the next level of cannabis competency.

Speakers will be covering topics like:

  • The dosing dilemma: Why less is sometime more, and how to determine proper dosage
  • The history of hemp: Our most misunderstood crop
  • Building better edibles: Have your healthy cannabis cake and eat it too
  • Medicating with cannabis for autism, cancer, and GI distress
  • Teaching your pet new tricks: The power of CBD for animals
  • How the cannabis industry is continuing to grow and innovate
  • …and many more!

Participants include Debbie Malka, MD, PhD (Cannabis Plus), Sayer Ji (founder, GreenMedInfo), Julianna Carella (Auntie Dolores), Melissa Meyer (Health MJ), Dustin Sulak, DO (Integr8), Bonni Goldstein, MD (Canna-Centers), Regina Nelson, PhD (Cannabis Patient Network), and Amanda Reiman, PhD, MSW (Drug Policy Alliance).

Like I said, this is a FREE 4-Day cannabis conference – if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about cannabis, either for your own health or as a possible career pivot, I highly recommend this event next week!

Words cannot express how much I learned attending nearly a dozen cannabis trade shows in the last 12 months. It’s absolutely insane how fast this industry is moving, and how much we have a difference to make a change in the world of health and wellness by utilizing all this amazing plant has to offer.

The fact that you can get the same opportunity from home, is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up! Comment below if you’re coming 😁

Sign up now for the Holistic Cannabis Summit!

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