Cannabis Products Getting Me Through the Struggle

If you keep up with me on the interwebs, you might have noticed I’m in the process of starting my own business! It’s true! As I make the transition from “freelancer” to “entrepreneur” I’m eternally grateful for all the new opportunities it’s bringing me.

While I wouldn’t encourage anyone to go and quit their jobs right away, I’ve had a stroke of bad luck with employers this year and I must say that being out on my own for the past few months has been EXHILARATING. During this time I’ve gotten to re-focus, hone my writing craft, work with some awesome clients who I love, spend more time with my fur babies, and even worked at a couple of music festivals which has always been a dream of mine. I can’t wait to get Righteous Relations off the ground and share with you some of the secrets of independence that I will undoubtedly keep learning along the way. 

That being said, the entrepreneurial journey is not all taking pictures of coffee cups and conference rooms. It’s a lot of exhausting creativity, grubbing for paid work when there is none, and freaking out about deadlines and bank accounts. And it has completely taken a toll on my body. I’m eating worse, sleeping worse, and sometimes, borderline freaking out! I am a tough cookie but I need the occasional comfort food, wine, and smoke to end these long days.

Luckily I have some gotten some great new cannabis products to try that I would classify as “must-haves” for the future! Read on to find out more (Californians only – sorry Earth).

Deviant Dabs

This mysterious woman-owned extraction company has been making waves on social media and at California cannabis events for a few months now.

struggle - 1.jpg

I picked up a sample of their rosin last month at the SoCal Cannabis Conference & Expo, and was saving it for a rainy day. Well, yesterday it rained, so I thought it’d be a perfect time to open up the shiny case and have a dab.

struggle - 2.jpg

Seriously some of the best cannabis concentrate I’ve ever had the privilege of dabbing! They make all different kinds of dabs, and the one thing they have in common is the lovely outer cardboard packaging and slick reusable case. It’s lined with nonstick silicone and looks like a tiny compact mirror so you can discreetly carry your concentrates wherever you go. Check out Deviant Dabs on Instagram and their website to keep up with this awesome brand.

Whole Flower Water

Imagine being able to drink your cannabis while still getting hydrated. San Diego-based company Whole Flower Water delivers with their medicated 10-ounce water bottles.

struggle - 3.jpg

This medicated water comes in both THC and CBD formulas, and each packs a fair punch with the dosage of whole-plant extract. Outstanding for stress relief, and with just a little bit of herbal flavor, these waters are definitely necessary accessories for your fridge. It’s a super easy way to medicate that gives you the same effect as a nice edible. Look for Whole Flower Water on Instagram for more information.


Every toker needs a sneaky little chillum pipe for portability and for those times you just need a couple of puffs.

struggle - 4.jpg

I’ve had a few sneak-a-tokes in my day, but they are usually annoying to use and only provide small hits. The BluntBling piece is a different story – it’s self-contained, meaning you can pack about a gram’s worth of your favorite flower well beforehand without the risk of your herb falling out when you’re on the go. It tightly twists shut and provides filters on both ends to make sure you don’t inhale any big pieces of ash. It also comes in cool colors that you can mix & match! Check out BluntBling on Instagram and!

Sacred Massage Oil

As part of my product review duties for the Coffee & Cannabis web series on Direct Cannabis Network, I was given a sample size of Sacred’s THC-medicated massage oil!

struggle - 5.jpg

So far my boyfriend and I are both loving it for those much-needed shoulder massages. Just 10 ml of oil contains 120mg of THC. It contains coconut and jojoba oil, as well as hints of cinnamon, rose, and jasmine. Totally relaxing and perfect for those romantic nights as well 😘 Look for Sacred on Instagram and

I wanna know – What are some of your favorite new cannabis products on the market right now? 

2 thoughts on “Cannabis Products Getting Me Through the Struggle

  1. I think we carry that water at the shop I work in, but pure THC. My favorite CBD water is CBD natural!

    Oh man, some of my favorite products right now: The Classics rx vape carts and their disposable pens are awesome! Kushy punches are definitely my go-to edible; also, I think the company is called remedy, but they have delicious Mexican candy edibles that are pretty dank too! Watermelon and mango chili suckers, and even candy belts with chili dumped all over them. 😛

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