What You’ve Been Missing with Club M

In starting my business from my cramped apartment these past few months, I’ve been grateful to have some amazing cannabis products around to help me deal with the stress and up my creativity. That’s why I’m excited to share some of the cool swag you’ve been missing by not being part of Club M!

Just a reminder that Club M is the exclusive luxury subscription box for cannabis connoisseurs! Think – “Birchbox for weed.”

It’s currently only available for carded medical cannabis patients in California. The monthly subscription comes with a full box of themed cannabis products and accessories, usually a delicious munchie snack, and access to a music playlist online to complete your experience.

The GROW Box contains everything you need to have amazing joint smoking sessions.


It is completely decked out with RAW hemp rolling papers and a rolling kit – definitely essentials for anyone just starting out in the cannabis game.


You’ll also get a LEGIT herb grinder by Sharpstone. This is a household name in the cannabis space, because their grinders are extremely sharp, well-built and easy to use.


Obviously, no sesh is complete without flower, and Club M delivers with six grams of premium medical cannabis flower. Two strains are from Gold Seal in San Francisco. Living in San Diego, you don’t know how nice it is to get a bit of Bay Area bud from time to time! The quality really shows, and the grams are packed into their own cute little jars. I love everything about this brand. The flowers were amazing – a Tropikal Cookies indica-dominant, and Gold Seal Glue, a sativa-dominant strain – both testing above 20% THC.


Lola Lola also provided a flower sampler pack in this box, with four amazing strains. You can tell that the company cares about giving patients all the information about each strain. They all had the terpene counts listed on the back, as well as some advice as to the effects you may feel from each. Next-level stuff.


The icing on the cake with this box is the pure 24K gold joint paper from Shine. Yes – you can smoke a joint rolled in gold! You may have seen these in the hands of Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and other stars. Now you, too, can flick your golden joint at the paparazzi like the rock n’ roll renegade you are.


You know what’s the sad part of all this? I was planning to smoke the Shine gold joint on my birthday – but I was “too busy” and just completely forgot about it. The life of an entrepreneur. Perhaps it will fulfill its destiny as a romantic anniversary joint later this month 😉

There you have it – join Club M and see what you’ve been missing with these outstanding products. Their more recent boxes have included more premium flower and blunt supplies, do-it-yourself THC-infused cooking sets from The Herbal Chef, and more. Trust me when I say that you feel like a member of a secret club when you open that black box every month.

Join Club M today for access to the subscription box as well as individual medical cannabis products shipped to your door.

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