Vapes & Accessories from Healthy Headie Lifestyle Now Available Here!

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using this link. I stand by the quality of all products advertised, which have been pre-vetted by Healthy Headie and many of them by me as well. Thanks for your support! 

Hey cannabis community! In the mood to help me out? Do your holiday and general stoner gift shopping with me. Just click “SHOP” above to get access to some of the very best in herbal vaporizers and must-have storage solutions for cannabis connoisseurs.

All of this is offered through my affiliate partnership with Healthy Headie!


Here are some of the kinds of products you can now purchase through my affiliate link:

  • Stylish and functional odor-proof bags from Stashlogix and Annabis;
  • Coveted portable vaporizer brands like Firefly, Pax and many more;
  • Tabletop vaporizer units like VapeXhale, Volcano and more;
  • Cute Healthy Headie apparel to show that you’re about the lifestyle!

In this community, the right vaporizer and storage solution can truly be game changers for people who want to use cannabis responsibly and discreetly. But how do you know which products to pick without trying them first?

Healthy Headie fills the need for information with another aspect of their business: in-home demonstrations. There certainly may be some demonstrations in store on my end, either here in San Diego or online. Stay posted!

All these products have been tried, tested, and otherwise thoroughly vetted by the HHL team of patient consultants. It’s a network of people, passionate about using cannabis themselves, looking to help people learn what works for them! So you know each product is high quality and works as advertised.

That’s why I decided to become a Healthy Headie Ambassador. I’m sure a lot of people are interested in this cannabis lifestyle, what with so many states entering the legal market, and the tools of the trade can be very hard to learn about.

Now you can rest assured that I and others are doing the work behind-the-scenes to bring you information about the very best products out there.

Remember to shop the Healthy Headie store using my affiliate link, and share it if you’re so inclined. You’ll be helping me build the hurt guru bigger than it’s ever been, while building a network of educated and well-outfitted cannabis consumers!


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