Test Your Skills: Green Flower’s Cannabis Health Challenge

Hey crew – an awesome opportunity is available from Green Flower, one of the coolest online resources for cannabis education.

If you are like me and are getting a bit of a slow start on your fitness goals for the new year, the Cannabis Health Challenge is for you!

Join former NFL star Eugene Monroe, Steve DeAngelo and a bunch of other cannabis industry professionals (including myself!) in destroying the lazy stoner stereotype and learning about new ways to manage your health and wellness with cannabis, exercise, nutrition and meditation.

You’ll get into much better shape and feel strong and powerful in your body. You’ll have more energy and mental clarity. And you’ll discover new things about yourself that will help you design a happier and more purpose-filled life. Take this challenge and you’ll definitely be surprised by how good you feel at the end.

-Green Flower website

The challenge starts today (Saturday, January 14) and goes until Tuesday, January 24. Each day’s challenge will consist of three activities including a workout. By being part of it you can earn points toward awesome prizes (!!!) and chat within the community.

It will take you about 20-30 minutes each day to complete the activities. There is also a BONUS category where you can win extra points for doing additional activities. So don’t be lazy – join me on the challenge and kick your year into gear! No excuses!


This health challenge isn’t the only cool program available from Green Flower. Their monthly INSIDER membership gives you access to an entire library of courses on everything from the science of cannabinoids to lifestyle challenges like this one. They also have been known to do live streaming cannabis “conferences” and talks, so you can enjoy great information from the comfort of your home.

I would totally recommend Green Flower membership for anyone who is a new medical marijuana patient, a curious recreational consumer or someone who’s looking to enter the cannabis industry. It’s only $18/month to support this organization that educates thousands every day.

All you have to do is sign up for INSIDER to participate in this challenge and gain access to more material. Join the challenge today!

4 thoughts on “Test Your Skills: Green Flower’s Cannabis Health Challenge

  1. lennoxd00gmailcom says:

    I’ve read that marijuana has medical effects on the user but do you guys have any idea what healthy benefits does magic mushroom gives? I’ve read this article about shroom https://www.trufflemagic.com/blog/what-are-shrooms/ and it says that it has some benefits too. I dont know if this is entirely true. I want to ask you guys who has some personal experience about this shrooms thing. Thanks to those who will answer!

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