Swanky SECRET Cannabis Parties: Coming to a City Near You!

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Being totally swept up in cannabis entrepreneurship, and everything that goes along with it, I have totally neglected my blog. However, I plan to be back in a big way!

My free eBook on utilizing cannabis for chronic pain – Start Winning Again – is still slated to release by summer, so if you signed up for that I appreciate you and can’t wait to share with you my first eBook creation, which is already even better than I had planned.

Today I wanted to share with you a couple cool happenings in the community that I’ve gotten to experience during my time away from blogging: Weed parties!!! 

High-end cannabis community gatherings are launching seemingly everywhere cannabis is legal, with cohesive themes, fun secret venues, and usually free food, drink and cannabis during the event, with party favors to boot. They are also great networking opportunities with vendors and other “who’s-who’s” in the cannabis industry.

If you live in a state where cannabis is, or is about to be legit, then you’ll likely start seeing events like these popping up in your area soon.

From vendor fairs, to farmers’ markets, “puff & paint” nights to intimate “tastings” where cannabis samples and food are provided, cannabis parties are here to stay. Of course, they’re all strictly for those aged 21+.

A few standouts from Southern California over the past few months:


The CannaSpa event I attended on a rainy weekend a few months back was one of the highlights of my experience in the cannabis industry. I was asked to judge a cannabis cooking competition last-minute, there were cannbis-infused massages to be had, medicated cotton candy to be eaten and amazing goodie bags to take home.

CannaSpa organizers did an amazing Coachella party (so I hear) and are planning even more fun and fancy affairs in the future. Follow them at Culinary & Cannabis.


This Los Angeles-based event was held in a freakin’ awesome modern decorated flat that you’d never even know was there. Edible samplings, flower vapes, good music, and the best part – virtual reality games that were insanely fun to play!

I actually ended up on the homepage of of Playboy.com just for attending this party, sporting a totally sexy VR headset and later taking a puff of some primo flower off a VapeXhale EVO (available on my Healthy Headie vape store!).

These pop-up events will be going on in the future as well – head to GrassFed.LA for more information.


This event is actually going down THIS SATURDAY! I am so excited to head up to Malibu, see a few industry ladies that I love and check out the latest in edibles, wellness and beauty with cannabis intertwined.

There are still a few tickets left for Higher Beauty; help out my friend Alice Moon and use the code “SWALLOW20” for a 20% discount on your tickets. Click image below to register!


Massages, edibles, libations, DABS, and fun times with friends are in store. I hope to see some of you out there!

Tips for finding these awesome events near you:

  1. Follow cannabis community influencers on social media. You can find them by following popular hashtags! They’ll usually share what fun events they’re promoting or attending, and you may even be able to make an in-person connection at the event.
  2. Attend local cannabis networking groups and meetups. Event organizers are always trying to promote, so if you go where the community goes, you’re likely to be the audience for some pretty cool advertisements. Just search on Google, Eventbrite, or Eventhi, the new platform specifically for cannabis events.
  3. Make friends. Seriously! Every time you go to one of these events, or even just a local dispensary, talk with the people you interact with and make long-term connections. That’s honestly how you start getting invitations to awesome secret weed parties. 

If you’re an event organizer in Southern California, the answer is YES, I’d love to work with you on promoting your next soirĂ©e! Let’s connect.


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