GRACE from ClubM: Level Up Your Weed Wellness

Hi friends – it’s been awhile since I shared with you the contents of a luxury cannabis subscription box from Club M!

It’s about time, right? The company has been #killinit over the past year, expanding all throughout California with its subscription-based model. Also, Club M now offers same-day delivery of all your favorite products within San Diego county, if you’re one of us! 🌴

The latest installment of the MBox definitely doesn’t disappoint. The May box’s theme of GRACE is a tribute to Mother’s Day last month and the delicate floral and feminine balance of the cannabis plant.

clubmGRACE - 6.jpg

My lady friends and I recently tore this box apart for our web series, Coffee & Cannabis on Direct Cannabis Network (watch for the new episode soon!). We talked about how new delivery methods like vaporizers, topicals and tinctures are quickly growing in popularity, and the quality of the product and the branding is skyrocketing across the board. Every new product that’s released is way better than the last. It’s truly the best possible time to be a cannabis consumer!

This subscription box arrived in all its beautiful paper-wrapped and wax-sealed glory with an array of cool new ways to be medicated. Take for example the incredibly sweet Pink Champagne sativa vape cartridge from Potter’s Cannabis Co. – no added flavoring here, just pure sweet distillate terpenes. And check out that shiny high-quality hardware!

clubmGRACE - 3.jpg

Next things I noticed were the beautiful herbal tinctures from Cordial Organics – one is a low-dose mixture of indica and sativa extracts for a balanced high, and the other is higher in THC, derived from cannabis indica which is great for unwinding at night. Tinctures are very on-trend right now because they are discreet and easy to use, faster acting than edibles, and often contain other herbs for a well-rounded feeling.

clubmGRACE - 7.jpg

These teeny-tiny medicated Breez Mints are pretty cool. Mints are already great edibles to travel with because they are ordinary and don’t stir a lot of attention, but these are just begging to be packed along since the tins are less than a square inch in size. You can bet these will be somewhere in my backpack for my upcoming trip to Europe. More to come on that later!

clubmGRACE - 4.jpg

For me, the icing on the cake was this little tin of Hepburns hand-rolled joints. They are filled with northern California flower and super SUPER potent ice water hash. Small but powerful, this is one of my favorite brands of pre-rolls that I have burned (and I’ve burned A LOT of pre-rolls in my day).

clubmGRACE - 5.jpg

Ultimately the MBox gives their customers an amazing opportunity to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest in the cannabis culture. The GRACE box totally taps into what’s popular and effective on the market today. If you’re the kind of cannabis consumer who enjoys trying new things and learning about how different products work, you will LOVE being a member of this service!

Here’s your exclusive invite to ClubM.


clubmGRACE - 1.jpg


  • 3X BREEZ Mints Edibles
    • Original; 25mg THC
    • Cinnamon; 25mg THC + 25mg CBD (1:1)
    • Royal; 100mg THC
  • Potters Cannabis Co. 500mg Pink Champagne Distillate Vape Cartridge (Sativa)
  • Metallic 510 Thread Vaporizer Pen Battery with Charger
  • 1/8 oz Just Herb Co. Headband Flower (Sativa)
  • 2X Cordial Organics Medical Cannabis Herbal Tinctures
    • Balance; 60mg THC with mint (indica & sativa)
    • Unwind; 375mg THC with chamomile (indica)
  • Hepburns 5-Pack of Hand Produced Pre-Rolled Cones with Caramel Jack Flower & Kashmir Kush Ice Water Hash
  • Access to the GRACE curated music playlist by Club M

This full spread of cannabis-infused products goes for around a $250 retail at a dispensary, for $97/month shipped.

This is an exclusive club for cannabis connoisseurs, but since you and I are homies, you can jump the line and join today 😜


The ClubM subscription and online store is only accessible by compliant and verified medical marijuana patients in the state of California.



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