How To Make the Most of Your Coinpot Microwallet


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Are you looking for ways to create additional streams of income and save for the future?

One of the coolest ways I have found to do this, aside from a regular savings account, is by investing in cryptocurrencies – namely Bitcoin.

Of course, people are scared to put their money into Bitcoin. What if I lose it all? It’s certainly a lot to consider – and something that I considered beforehand.

What if there was a risk-free way to earn, store, and exchange crypto coins, with no initial investment? Read on to learn about the magic of Coinpot!

read this first if you’re skeptical: // is Coinpot real or fake?

What if I told you that the internet is home to hundreds of sites that will reward you with FREE cryptocurrency – in exchange for watching ads and completing offers and other small tasks? Some of you might already be picking up what I’m laying down.

Unfamiliar with what I’m getting at? Read my Guide to Bitcoin Faucets to learn more about some of the best, most consistent paying faucets out there today.

Faucets are a great idea – in theory. Free money, right? Woohoo.

For the inexperienced, however, it’s easy to fall prey to faucet scams that can waste your time and even your cash, should you choose to invest your own money.

It’s important to find trusted sources and tools to keep you earning – rather than losing it all to Bitcoin scams.

Keep in mind as you read that every link on this page is a referral link, and I will earn a commission from your earnings as a result of you signing up. That being said, I would be thrilled if you’d help me out by clicking on them and joining my crypto tribe.

One of my favorite tools to earn and exchange Bitcoin and other currencies is Coinpot. It’s a “microwallet” that allows you to collect small bits of currency from its partnered websites, and view all your earnings in one dashboard.

Sign up for Coinpot to start earning right away, or keep on reading to learn more about how this platform works.

The Coinpot microwallet serves five different currencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • DOGEcoin 
  • DASH 
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

From the Coinpot dashboard, you can then convert any of those “alt coins” that you earn into good ol’ fashioned Bitcoin – the most popular crypto coin on the market today. Or, collect all the coins and hold onto them just in case they become profitable, or you learn more about their value.

Everything can be viewed in real time using this sexy dashboard.

coinpot crypto faucet earning dashboard
DO NOT FALL FOR THE ADS! Most of the ads – even on trusted sites – are for scams. Tough life.

In addition to your faucet claims, you earn 3 “Coinpot Tokens” each time you claim from a faucet, which can be converted to any coin.

There is no fee for any conversion, so you can try whatever strategy you choose with absolutely no risk to holding and exchanging different coins that you earn!

Once you meet a minimum threshold amount in your accounts, you can then withdraw those earnings to a real cryptocurrency wallet (I use Coinbase as my home base). From there, they can be held onto for safekeeping, exchanged, or sold for dollars or your preferred fiat currency.

Using the Coinpot faucets, I am able to transfer more than .0003 BTC per month into a savings account. As of right now that’s about $2 USD per month, from activities that take me only a few minutes a day to complete.

Plus, in late 2017, the value of Bitcoin nearly tripled, so there is potential here for youto build up a small savings account – for free – that can really appreciate in value in a short time.

I store all my Bitcoin in my account – a faucet that also happens to pay 4% annual interest on your Bitcoin as long as you hold .0003 or more! So, the more you withdraw from Coinpot, the faster your long-term earnings can grow on

Sign up for your totally free, interest earning savings account here.

Your other options for earning free money on the internet are wrapped in scams and often require a TON of effort for very little reward.

Why not do something for your future that is secure, and allows you to have fun learning about the cryptocurrency markets with virtually no risk involved?! 

I mean seriously – the most you could possibly lose with this method alone is a few dollars.

These are the faucets serviced by Coinpot – you can earn daily on all of these, on either computer or mobile phone, and there are some cool bonuses if you check in consistently.

It’s best to claim a minimum of twice per day on each, though you are allowed to claim every 5 to 15 minutes. They pretty much just require you to type out the answer to a CAPTCHA or identify a few things on a reCAPTCHA – super easy!

PS – The rest of my BTC earnings come primarily from the Cointiply faucet. I’ll write a guide for that system soon. I’m also creating a new site with way more information on earning and investing in crypto – sign up below for updates!