How To Make the Most of Your Coinpot Microwallet

UPDATED February 2020

Are you looking for ways to create additional streams of income and save for the future?

One of the coolest ways I have found to do this, aside from a regular savings account, is by investing in cryptocurrencies – namely Bitcoin.

Of course, people are scared to put their money into Bitcoin. What if I lose it all? It’s certainly a lot to consider – and something that I considered beforehand.

What if there was a risk-free way to earn, store, and exchange crypto coins, with no initial investment?

What if I told you that the internet is home to hundreds of sites that will reward you with FREE cryptocurrency – in exchange for watching ads and completing offers and other small tasks? Some of you might already be picking up what I’m laying down.

Unfamiliar with what I’m getting at? Read my Guide to Bitcoin Faucets to learn more about some of the best, most consistent paying faucets out there today.

You might have come here to learn about Coinpot microwallet. Unfortunately, Coinpot and its network of faucets were deactivated by the owners in early 2021.

Currently my favorite place to earn is the Cointiply faucet (so many opportunities!) as well as, and I also invest some Bitcoin in a BlockFi account with 6% annual interest! Hope that helps you!