is Coinpot real or fake?

You might have heard some things about the Coinpot microwallet and network of cryptocurrency faucets.

They claim to give you free virtual currency, just for completing simple tasks on their websites.

But is Coinpot real or fake?

how to earn free cryptocurrency

It’s true that there are tons of scams out there in the Bitcoin and general faucet community. I myself have fallen prey to a couple – but luckily I lost nothing but time, as I didn’t invest any of my own money into them.

The good news is that Coinpot is 100% real.

I’ve been using Coinpot to earn, convert, and transmit cryptocurrencies for the last three years, and have been paid out dozens of times – in real money – from using it.

I’m here to help you learn how to do the same! No clue what I’m talking about? Start with my Guide to Bitcoin Faucets or my detailed Coinpot strategy guide.

Links on this page are referral links, and I will earn a commission from your earnings as a result of you signing up. That being said, I’d be thrilled if you’d help me out by clicking on them and joining my crypto tribe.

how does it work?

The Coinpot network offers 7 different faucets. You can visit each of these websites multiple times per day, and complete CAPTCHA to earn small bits of cryptocurrency.

Between the 7 faucets, 5 currencies are supported:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • DOGEcoin 
  • DASH 
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Once you have collected the minimum withdrawal amount for a particular coin, you can cash out. For this, all you need is a secure wallet.

My wallet of choice is Coinbase – it’s an amazing platform where you can invest, store, and eventually sell your crypto for real currency, if that’s what you’re after.

There is never a conversion fee or a withdrawal fee on Coinpot – which I love! You can truly play around with these crypto coins to your heart’s content.

how much will i earn?

Keep in mind that you will only be earning fractions of cents – at first.

Every action adds up, and the value of coins is fluctuating all the time. There are many ways to make this system work for you.

By being diligent with your claims (I like to recommend claiming from each faucet 2-3 times per day), you will earn a daily “Loyalty Bonus” based on how many days in a row you have signed on.

That means you can really maximize your earning potential if you stick with it.

In addition to your faucet claims, you also earn 3 “Coinpot Tokens” each time you claim, which can be converted to any coin later on. Another way to earn more is to refer friends to join you!

Combined with the power of an interest-earning Bitcoin savings account, I earn an average of about $10 USD per month with my strategies. I even earn Bitcoin while I sleep. Pretty awesome, right?

Don’t stress about missing a day or two – if you make faucets your entire life, you will surely regret it.

don’t do this one thing!

This tip will get your far in the faucet world: DO NOT FALL FOR THE ADS!

Coinpot and its faucets are supported by some obnoxious display and pop-up ads (that’s how they get the money to give to their players).

While I’ve made an effort here to only post ads for companies and sites I believe in, most of the ads – even on trusted sites – are for scams. Tough life.

Join the Coinpot faucets today and start earning your full potential!

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