Start Winning Again!

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I’m currently writing an eBook about cannabis and pain management, and I can’t wait to share it with you on April 18, 2017.

Do you live with chronic pain as a result of illness or injury? Or perhaps you’re just one of those really active individuals who is always treating basic aches and pains.

Either way, if you deal with pain on a weekly basis, you NEED the book, Start Winning Again: Utilizing Cannabis for Chronic Pain.

In it, I will tell you:

  • How I got started using cannabis as a pain treatment;
  • Ways in which the different chemicals within the cannabis plant help with pain;
  • Some stories from other patients you can relate to;

and…most importantly…what the very best consumption methods and types of products are for daily pain management.

All of this will be tried-and-true information based on my experiences and those of other patients. None of it will be sponsored by product manufacturers or other companies.

The best part? This eBook will be 100% free!

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This blog and the discussed eBook, Start Winning Again: Utilizing Cannabis for Chronic Pain, are intended for a mature audience over the age of 21, or legal medical marijuana patients over the age of 18. Nothing in this website or eBook should ever be construed as medical advice. The experiences and suggestions herein are based on a decade of personal experiences and research on behalf of the author, a legal medical marijuana patient in California.