Betty Khronic: World’s Healthiest Edible?

If you needed further proof that hemp and cannabis are taking nutrition to the next level, I’ve got a new edible for you to try that tastes great and certainly won’t weigh you down!

Only for California Prop 215 patients at this time, it’s a treat that is already changing the paradigm for healthy edibles, and may even be sold as an adult recreational product by this time next year.

Meet Betty Khronic, the vegan, whole-food cannabis edible created for athletes, by an athlete!

summer420 - 6.jpg

I’m proud to say that “Betty” herself is actually a girlfriend of mine in the cannabis industry, based in Los Angeles, who co-founded the company with her friend Mike. They were both recently named in Marijuana Venture’s “40 Under 40” list of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. They also care a ton about changing the perceptions around athletes, fitness culture, and the use of cannabis.

Betty was a cross-country star who routinely (and secretly) treated her aches and pains with various types of medical marijuana, eventually teaching herself how to make a mean edible that would support the rest of her diet and exercise plan. Now, she still uses cannabis to help her live a healthy and active lifestyle, and gets to share her creation with patients all over California.

Betty Khronic energy bars are made with six natural raw superfood ingredients: chia seeds, almonds, dates, pepitas, cacao and cannabis-infused coconut oil. They are always made with strictly sativa-dominant strains to make sure you feel a heightened awareness and a buzz, rather than a sluggish stoned feeling.

Chewy, sweet and a bit sticky, they are surprisingly filling without being heavy. After I finish one, it kind of feels like I just ate a big salad! The bars are absolutely the perfect complement to a yoga session, day or night hiking, water sports, bike adventures or a nice long run. Plus, they are great for recovery after tough workouts.

Very close attention and care is taken to ensure only the purest extraction and infusion techniques are used to create these energy bars. You can be sure that each bar is tested for potency and purity at a cannabis testing laboratory, and will consistently be the same great-tasting bar no matter when or where you purchase it.

Unlike many other health-conscious edibles, Betty’s packs a nice powerful dosage at 40mg THC per piece. One piece before the workout, and another afterward, will have you feeling super lifted with sustainable mental and physical energy.

The bars come 2 to a package and are now available at several dispensaries across California! Along with this amazing product, there are occasionally yoga and holistic health events around southern California that the company gets involved with. Follow the Betty Khronic brand on Facebook or Instagram to hear about it all first! 

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