How I Became A Medical Marijuana Advocate

I would love to thank the nonprofit org CannaEffect for publishing my medical marijuana story on their website! Ever since I started this blog with my message, the support has been pleasantly surprising. I think people are really ready to start changing the way we all think about cannabis users, especially those of us patients who have "invisible" ailments.

Recovery 103 – Epsom Salt Baths

I do a lot to keep my muscles in shape for the heavy impact of running - from stretching and warmups to compression wear and various supplements and topical remedies. But something so basic that I was overlooking, and was recommended highly to me recently by a massage therapist, is really breathing new life into my legs and I have to share it!

Recovery 101

Recovering from a tough workout is a science - there are so many different factors both before and after your workout that help determine how much benefit your muscles will get out of it, and in contrast, how sore you're going to be the next day. Proper recovery techniques are also necessary to avoid both short- and long-term injury.

Run For Your Life – If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

I'm still a little surprised that I'm sitting here writing about my running journey, given that the assessment of several physical therapists from 2005-2009 was that I would probably never be able to run comfortably. And yet here I am, feeling better than ever, having run upwards of 450mi¬†and raced my first half marathon just … Continue reading Run For Your Life – If I Can Do It, Anyone Can