What It’s Like When Your Boyfriend is a Personal Trainer

He frequently breaks out into a stretch or exercise, even in a questionable setting. He's a stickler for healthy diet - exceptions for his guilty pleasure french fries, of course. Because of my boyfriend I have stayed very linked to the fitness world and learned so much about how to improve my body, diet and exercise plan. It's almost like having a trainer, without having to pay for one!

#TruthBomb Tuesday – Comfort

"What would give you great comfort right now?" -Danielle LaPorte Sometimes, all you can do is breathe. Following up on my post from yesterday, I'm really sore, really stressed (Tuesdays are my Mondays) and thinking about what brings me comfort. Definitely being around my pets, warm blankets, and good music. How do you find comfort? … Continue reading #TruthBomb Tuesday – Comfort