There’s Now A Literal Cure for Cottonmouth!

Dry mouth! It’s an extremely uncomfortable side-effect of life.

If you’re a cannabis smoker, then you know the feeling all too well. Many strains dry out the natural fluids in the mouth, leaving you parched and desperate for a cold soda (or ideally water, but hey). Cottonmouth can also be caused by drinking, eating certain foods, or having imbalanced oral health.

If you suffer from this symptom more than once per week, get excited, because from the land of herbal remedies comes an outstanding new product that can instantly rescue you from the perils of cottonmouth, naturally (scroll down for discount code!).

Meet Ziingles! Formulated with a blend of botanical herbs and xylitol, just one quick spray of Ziingles formula instantly gives your mouth a refreshed and hydrated feeling.

The 2oz spray bottle fits in your backpack, purse, or gym bag with ease, in case you find yourself dehydrated on the go. Great for stoners, but also for athletes, outdoor types and people who have to talk at length for their job. Or, if you have lots of romantic encounters. 🙂

ziingles - 3.jpg

While the taste was not like I expected, it’s earthy, herby, and feels clean. If you’re expecting it to taste like a sweet gum or candy, then you’re missing the point of utilizing natural herb extracts!

Some examples of organic botanicals used in Ziingles are Spilanthes, Echinacea, Aloe Vera, Licorice root and Ginger. 

The other active ingredient, xylitol, is an interesting substance that is popularly used as a sweetener substitute. Not only is it healthier than refined sugars, it is a stimulant for the salivary glands, and it actually helps your mouth to clean itself after meals, reducing bacteria levels and the risk of diseased teeth and gums.

While the dental industry loves to throw brushing and flossing around as the end-all to oral health, the fact is that naturally maintaining the correct chemistry in your mouth through diet and supplementation can actually take care of many of the plaque and bacteria that live there.

In short: Proper saliva in your mouth = cleaner mouth. Masking your cottonmouth with soda = still a dry, dirty mouth, but now with extra sugars and salts in it.

Ziingles spray comes in Zesty Lemon, Refreshing Raspberry and Spearminty Fresh, so you can find the vibe that is right for you.

The brand has kindly offered a discount on Ziingles to all my readers – just use code thehurtguru for 20% off until the end of September!

Taking care of your oral health is important, and when you smoke, you may be compromising a lot of that health. So take care of yourself and stock up on some Ziingles to keep the freshness on lock.

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