Chill Buzz: Iced Cannabis Coffees by Therapy Tonics & Provisions

Need a jolt of refreshing energy to go with your wake and bake? San Diego-based Therapy Tonics & Provisions has your back with four new iced coffee and tea beverages, each packing a unique and delicious punch of cannabis sativa.

With a dosage of 80mg THC, all of the Therapy Tonics drinks are the perfect medium for starting your morning on a high note.

cannanov - 8.jpg

While many people love to get the benefits of cannabis right when they wake up, smoking or eating a strong edible can often lead to an unwanted foggy feeling. Since this company only uses sativa-dominant strains for their infusions, they’re fantastic for boosting creativity and focus for whatever you have planned, while relieving pain and anxiety as well.

I personally love the idea of having an icy medicated “frappé” to start my long days of writing and doing client work for my new company, Righteous Relations. The drinks would also be fantastic for starting a hike or a fun day on the town! My favorite is the Matcha tea flavor – I’m not even vegan, but it just feels so healthy, cool and creamy. Plus, the green tea taste kind of makes me feel like I’m getting my greens for the day.

therapymatcha - 1.jpg

Therapy Tonics currently offers 4 flavors: Mexican Mocha Milk, Caramel Vanilla, Indian Spiced Chai Latte, and a vegan Matcha Tea made with infused coconut milk instead of dairy. Each formula is specially brewed right here in San Diego for the very best taste and maximum medication.

I challenge you to notice the flavor of cannabis in any of the drinks – you won’t taste it! The infusions are absolutely to die for, and you may even have a hard time knowing when to stop drinking. Luckily, the bottles are only 4.20 ounces, and include handy dosage indicators on the side of the label to keep you from overdoing it. 🙂


Beverages are one of the best ways to consume cannabis, since your digestive system breaks down liquids much faster than solid foods. They are especially effective for those who would prefer not to smoke. The fact that these iced treats are made with cannabis-infused milk or coconut milk makes all those juicy cannabinoids bioavailable and ready to go to work for body and mind right away!

What’s next for Therapy Tonics is still a secret, but you can bet that the possibilities are endless as far as the flavors they can create with this infusion technology.

The beverages are currently available exclusively for California Prop 215 patients in select areas via Fast & Friendly delivery service. More dispensaries soon!

6 thoughts on “Chill Buzz: Iced Cannabis Coffees by Therapy Tonics & Provisions

  1. I will be 63 at the end of this month. I have SEVERAL health issues and they all include pain. We also have a brain damaged son, due to a illness as a infant, that still lives with us. He has seizures every day. Doctors removed almost the entire left hemisphere that was so damaged by his original illness when he was almost 4 years old. The right hemisphere is also damaged. We have talked with his neurologist about CBD oil. She is not against it but this far it has shown to help children. But for me, I’m at the end of my rope with my pain. It has taken over every part of my life. I have no energy, none. I need help. I want my life back. Can you help me? We are not rich. How much do your different products cost? Please help me with my energy and pain.


    1. Hi Melody, I am so sorry to hear about all of this. It sounds like CBD and/or THC could be useful to try for you and your son. Unfortunately I’m not able to sell you any products, but if you email me and let me know where you live, I can do my best to send you some potential resources for medicine.


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