Nutrition Find: Chia Squeeze

A question for the runners out there: Do you like to bring food or sports drinks along with you for your longer runs?

This is recommended if you’re going to be running for longer than 30-40 minutes at a time, but personally I have a really hard time bringing stuff with me on a run. It feels like it just gets in the way, or I feel like I’m going to drop my snacks in the road without realizing. I do have a zippered running belt that I used for my half marathon last summer – it fits a few snacks, phone, keys etc. but not a water bottle.

Usually when I do a long outdoor run, I hit the beach and pier, which has drinking fountains, so I’m good there. But snacks? The main suggestion I’ve heard are trail mix/nuts, but seriously, who wants to gnaw on that in the middle of a hot, sweaty, sticky run? With all those little nut pieces stuck between my teeth the whole rest of the run, with no water bottle? No way.

Then a fellow (more experienced) runner suggested I try “Gu” – tiny flavored goo packets filled with nutrients. They’re portable, easy to eat in motion, and come in a variety of flavors. No offense Gu, but during my race last year, I almost vomited immediately upon tasting, and am now traumatized.

Maybe I’m being a little picky, but consuming crunchy or supergross stuff whilst running is just hard for me to deal with, okay?

Now that I’m starting to prepare for my next half marathon in August, it’s time to start thinking about snacks to bring with me on these longer runs, so I thought I’d share the only one that has actually worked for me so far and improved my run.

chia seed snack
Chia Squeeze Green Juice Vitality Snack, by Mamma Chia

Some people like Chia seeds, some people hate them. When soaked in liquid, they take on a gooey texture, almost inflating with the juices surrounding them, making you feel fuller though you’re just eating (drinking) tiny little seeds. They are filled with fiber and digest slowly for sustained energy. Not many foods this small pack such a punch and come in their own convenient container. This is literally the perfect runner’s snack.

I love the green juice flavor, but they also make a couple of berry ones as well as strawberry banana. If you’re lucky, you can find these at the grocery store, but I recently got a 4-pack for $7 on the ol’ standby, Vitacost (with free shipping that’s not so bad!).

I’m going to continue trying to find awesome, delicious and easy snacks for running that won’t weigh me down! Leave your favorites and suggestions in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Nutrition Find: Chia Squeeze

  1. I am a gu girl. I love the Chocolate Outrage. I’ve had good results with one before a race and one every few miles as needed.My cardinal rule is: nothing new on race day. I even find out what sports drink they are serving at water stations to make sure my system is used to it before race day.

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