Weigh-In Wednesday

I wanted to check in really quick today, and re-circulate my old post on How to Count Macros & Make Sense of Nutrition Data. Why? Because that sh*t works, son!

After 6 years of pain, therapy, new beginnings, and yes, the occasional utter and complete failure, I’m proud to say I’ve officially lost 10 pounds since I started this blog in February. Typically I try not to occupy myself with the number on the scale, but after being stuck on a 2-year weight loss plateau, this is significant. That was before the inspiration hit me to start blogging and hold myself accountable for the lifestyle I wanted to live.

What did I do differently this time around? Yes, I tried to cut out beer, juice, and Mexican food as much as possible when they didn’t fit my macros. But ultimately I didn’t put myself on a diet, I just paid attention to what I was eating every single day, which eventually led me to make small, painless changes to my routine.

I’m not doing “a ton” of exercise, either. As far as running (mileage) goes, I am barely doing more than I did last year. In fact last April was my best month ever; I crushed almost 30 miles, and my mile was pacing about 20 seconds faster than my current average. But I was not toned and my weight was stagnant. Even as I progressed to 7, 8, 9-mile runs in preparation for my race I was still very much a softbody. Come to think of it, my energy and stamina were probably suffering as well.

Having not lost a single pound in 2 solid years of running was discouraging, but now I can clearly see why I failed the other times. I was not truly in a mindset to change my diet, and first and foremost I was not diligent in my tracking. In fact my organization and focus on training and losing weight were almost non-existent. I thought I wanted to lose the pounds, but my heart and mind were not in it because I was too afraid to diet or even do proper stretching or strength training. Now it feels great to have some serious muscle tone going, and better yet it’s making me feel like all of this is worth it.

I hope everyone else is having a great week so far and staying motivated even if you don’t have progress to celebrate. And if you do track your weight, you might want to think about doing it on Wednesdays only. Helps you stay focused and consistent while avoiding obsession!

Please stay tuned on my blog, this week and next, as I finally have my first GIVEAWAY coming up! Hope you’re ready, it’s a tasty treat!

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