7 Weeks Without A Microwave

Since Cam & I moved into our new place around the middle of February, we haven’t purchased a microwave.

And my God, I feel like I’m finally living for the first time.

Having a microwave is as much a symbol of classic modern Americana, as it is a complete pain in the ass for healthy people.

Sure, it’s nice to be able to pop a forgotten cup of coffee in there when you’ve had a busy morning, or reheat leftovers in a jiffy. But with microwaves, I’ve found, come increased desires for instant gratification with food, which in turn can lead to some bad decisions.

Even though I pretty much quit eating frozen food last year, I was still using the microwave for little things here and there. Though they say that microwaving food retains most of the nutrients and is not nutritionally dangerous, I have noticed that it made breads and tortillas super-tough, dried out cheese and sauces, and pretty much ruined the texture of vegetables. The appliance itself was a bitch to clean, and in a ~600 square foot apartment, I never knew how exactly far I should be standing from it to avoid getting razzled by radiation.

Plus, if I did get a craving for some crappy frozen food, the microwave was always at home waiting for me.  

Now, if I want some of that leftover pizza, it’s no longer a 30-second affair. I have to wait for my slices to warm up in the oven. If I want popcorn, I literally have to walk across my apartment complex to the “Chill Lounge” and use the microwave there. I have an electric coffee warmer for my desk that actually works great for keeping drinks hot all day when I’m busy.

It’s definitely getting a bit harder to work with leftovers, but I find I can typically sauté them back to vitality in a pan on the stove. When in doubt, we don’t make enough for leftovers. We’re eating fresh a lot more often, because we have to.

Most of the time these days, I much prefer a snack of fresh fruit, fresh veggies with Ranch (working on it) or a PB&J, to anything that I used to put in that nuclear kitchen-box. 

We think of certain things as adding convenience to our lives, but with food, there’s really no reason to ever cut corners. I’m thriving without a microwave and I’d recommend it to anyone trying to become more conscious about health!

If the office microwave is your personal death trap, search online for tasty lunch recipes that don’t require reheating.

Who else has ditched their microwave for fresh eating in-the-now? 

11 thoughts on “7 Weeks Without A Microwave

  1. Awesome! Over the years I’ve been on the same journey. For leftovers never write off the power of the oven! Also popcorn on the stove is so much easier than people think, I haven’t made popcorn any other way in years. 😀 Good luck ❤

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  2. We’ve been microwave free for a little more than 4 years. I’m not going to get into the whys and whatnots, but I am very happy without a microwave and would never go back to owning one. People look at me in utter horror and disbelief. Like, “How do you warm things up??”. To which I always let them know about this remarkable kitchen tool called the oven. lol! Seriously, all of my dishes are oven safe up to 400 degrees, even our glass leftover containers.

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      1. Lol! You don’t! I put sliced bread on the top rack of the oven and broil it to toast. Flip it over, or don’t, you’ll need to experiment to get the bread the texture you like it. Makes for AHmazing bagels, though.

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  3. I’ve been heating my food without using radiation for three years now. I use the oven or a pan to get it warmed up. The food tastes better and I’ve never felt better. My gut thanks me every day.

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