Can’t Sleep? My Cannabis Strain Suggestions

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Think a cure for sleepless nights sounds out-of-this-world, too good to be true?

Insomnia is one of the most common reasons people seek medical marijuana out here in California. Help is so close within reach, I can’t believe more people don’t get with the program.

According to the CDC, sleep deprivation is a top health concern among people in the United States, affecting over a third of all Americans. It causes stress, can lead to auto accidents and difficulty performing everyday tasks. 

While they’re supposed to be a solution, pharmaceutical sleep aids are associated with all kinds of problems – including sleepwalking and even sleep-eating. They can cause serious dependency issues, and if you quit taking them, your insomnia will likely come back with a vengeance.

Don’t be that exhausted, miserable person in 2020. It’s totally unnecessary to medicate yourself in this manner if you’re living in a state where medical cannabis is legal.

You ARE able to get your sleep cycle back on track naturally by stimulating the endocannabinoid system – an important part of your peripheral nervous system. Scientists are just beginning to understand how this system controls some of the body’s most vital wellness functions … and how cannabis may help to balance it!

I suffered from insomnia for practically my entire life until I started consuming cannabis daily. Now I typically sleep great!

You don’t even have to consume every day for cannabis to work for you.

A few puffs or an edible, an hour or two before bed, helps most people, but getting into a rhythm of every 2 or 3 days may also be just as helpful.

Just like any other health routine, it’s all about starting small and recognizing the changes your body is going through, finding that ideal set, setting and method of consumption for your individual needs.

Whether you choose to shop at a traditional dispensary or cannabis delivery operation, it’s helpful to have a basic idea of what you’re looking for in a product.

Below are some of the strains of flower that FINALLY helped me learn to sleep properly. Keep in mind: these are not backed up by medical science, this is just what tends to work for me! And luckily, there are plenty of close cousins and siblings to these strains if your local shop is out of stock (I provide guidelines for choosing below).

Seek these out at your local dispensary, or try their genetic “parents” to make for a fun and educational grown-up science experiment.

GrandDaddy Purple

(indica) [Purple Urkle x Big Bud]

This strain was one of my first loves, and remains my all-time favorite for sleep as well as pain and stress relief. Colors in cannabis often have a deeper genetic meaning; having “Blue” or “Purple” in the name will always suggest a strain crossed with a heavy indica, so you can bet they’ll be good for sleep, evenif they are labeled as “sativa” or “hybrid.”

Blue Dream

(sativa-dominant hybrid) [Blueberry x Haze]

While a more inexperienced budtender might tell you to avoid sativa strains before bedtime, I’m going to disagree. Many people can’t sleep even when their bodies are tired, due to the racing thoughts or anxiety in their head. If this is you, a soothing headchange to forget all your worries might do the trick better than a heavy, sedative strain. Blue Dream is the perfect example of a heavy-hitting feel-good hybrid.


(indica or indica-dominant hybrid)

In another instance where understanding cannabis genetics makes decision-making easy, you can pretty much put money on the fact that astrain labeled as “Kush” will be a solid choice for bedtime. Kush strains originate genetically from the mountains of the Middle East and are all distinguished by their heavy sedative feeling. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the elusive Purple Kush, one of the ultimate strains for stress and insomnia.

Keep in mind, even if medical cannabis is legal in your state, insomnia may not be a covered condition. Start reading up on your state and local laws, as well as upcoming elections or legislative actions that may change your situation.

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Read my full article at Merry Jane Media for more on cannabis for sleep issues, and please feel free share your favorite sleepy time cannabis strains in the comments!  




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