San Diego Gets a HUGE Cannabis Conference

Mark your calendar now – the Southern California Cannabis Conference & Expo is coming to sunny San Diego, August 6 & 7, 2016!

This is great news for cannabis industry entrepreneurs, professionals, patients, and job seekers in the San Diego, North County and Inland Empire communities.

The B2B conference will be held downtown in the San Diego Convention Center (that’s right, the same venue as Comic-Con International!) and will feature the region’s best in educational speakers, companies, and even some professional athletes advocating for the future of the industry.

Interested in sponsoring or having a booth at the event? Click here to contact me.


Rumor has it there will be fun consumer elements like interactive booths and live music, as well as a sweet after-party hosted by the ladies of Women Grow San Diego Chapter! 😘

Event organizers saw great success last year with their conferences in Phoenix, Arizona and Fort Worth, Texas – two areas that have not traditionally been friendly to cannabis, but are proving to be promising emerging markets. The SWCC made history with those expos, and now San Diego gets a chance to strut its stuff and accelerate its industry.

People like to think of Southern California as a weed mecca, but the truth is that’s mostly Los Angeles!

San Diego is a very conservative area, and while we do have a very vibrant cannabis community, we’ve experienced tons of clashes with law enforcement and restrictive zoning and business regulations over the years. Most of our cannabis cups and other events are extremely small and low-key, typically held in a very impromptu venue.

Having attended and covered the Southwest Cannabis Conference in Phoenix last fall, I can vouch for the quality that these organizers bring to the table! I guarantee you will learn a ton about both the science and business of cannabis, while making meaningful connections with some of the most important businesspeople in the space.

The theme of the event is LEAF: Let’s Educate A Future.

I think educating the future of the cannabis industry is a beautiful thing, and I’m so proud that my city has been chosen to host thousands of like-minded people.

Purchase tickets for the conference here, and remember to email me if you’re interested in your brand being represented at the show! 

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