Summer of Fruit Slabs: Organic Fruit Leather Edibles

Today, I’m stoked to share with you a California edibles brand that is very close to my heart – Fruit Slabs!

First of all, can we just agree that chocolate, cookie, and brownie edibles are out for the summer?!

Nobody wants to deal with that melty mess in the car, camping, or in the beach bag, and eating sweets certainly isn’t the best for maintaining energy and lean muscle throughout the hot summer months.

Just because the weather is getting sticky doesn’t mean edibles have to stick to you.

Well, if you loved those fruit leathers from Trader Joe’s growing up, you will definitely find a sweet nostalgia in Fruit Slabs.

They’re moist squares of fresh-pressed fruit, infused with pure cannabis extract. The company goes the extra mile by only using organic and vegan ingredients – a testament to the founders’ healthy lifestyles and dietary needs.

summer420 - 2.jpg

How on point is their packaging? This is the kind of thing you can carry around in your purse and people will just think you’re eating a snack.

Fabulous for those patients who are trying to stay discreet and fresh when they medicate.

summer420 - 1.jpg

The slabs come in two juicy and delicious flavors: The OG Mango and Mango Maui Wowie (which has a coconut twist).

At a solid dosage of 100mg THC, it’s the perfect size to medicate with the full package, or you could just as well rip one in half to share with a friend for a more stable high.

Roxanne, the founder of Fruit Slabs, is truly an inspiring and badass lady. She believes in elevating cannabis products so that they can be enjoyed by the health-conscious, while encouraging others to become more conscious. Check out her recipe for Peach Pot Salad.

Fruit Slabs are Southern California locals, but I hope you’ll be seeing them in dispensaries and delivery services statewide very soon!

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