Nutrition Not Just a Health Concern Anymore…

With obesity on the rise in the United States, more and more people are trying to get a word in edgewise when it comes to the discussion of our national nutrition.

While scanning the news today, I found two contrasting stories which illustrate exactly what I am talking about. Apparently nutrition is becoming more and more integrated with education as well as the entertainment and pop culture world.

For the past six years, a Chicago elementary school has had a policy banning sack lunches from home, outraging many parents and especially students by trying to force the entire student body to deal with the cafeteria diet rather than the junk food which so many parents feed their kids these days.

This is obviously too controlling of a move for the school to make–sure, some kids may be bringing chips and candy for their meal, but many are also bringing hand-packed healthy meals which their parents put time and effort into preparing. From the narratives and photos featured in the article, it seems like these kids are really going through hell. Unfortunately just a few unhealthy families have ruined the party for the entire school.

In addition, Jamie Oliver, British celebrity chef and now nutrition activist, has begun a campaign called “Food Revolution” (with a matching TV series, of course) which focuses on education in  healthy cooking and eating, especially for school-age children.

It’s not every day that a celebrity chef breaks from tradition and rallies for cafeteria change, but Oliver’s campaign is an inspiring effort. He encourages people to make small changes to their diet and try to include fresh ingredients every time.

The TV series, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution“, being shot in Los Angeles, will premiere its second season tomorrow night at 8 P.M. on ABC.

That’s your dose of food news for the week! Now I’m off to make a healthy lunch of my own: grilled turkey and cheese sandwich…jealous?

3 thoughts on “Nutrition Not Just a Health Concern Anymore…

  1. I was totally unaware that about that Chicago elementary school ban on sack lunches, that’s totally preposterous! Why would they do that?

    Good to see that someone with ethos is making efforts for cafeteria change, it’s an admirable approach. I blogged about my cooking efforts this week, mentioned Cuicacalli… obviously not intended in cafeteria change, but it reminded me of that.


  2. I also agree that the banning of sac lunches is not right. There are many parents that look out for their children’s health and pack them the right stuff. My aunt is an extreme nutritionist lol and she makes sure her kids are the same way.


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