Rave Review: Shakesmart

If you’re a workout fanatic like I am, then you’ll be happy to hear that there is an AMAZING and affordable way to supplement your workouts with healthy fruit and protein–and it happens to be just steps away from the Aztec Recreation Center here at SDSU.

Shake Smart was started this year by two State business students, Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman, when they realized that they could capitalize on their knowledge of exercise nutrition to provide a much needed service on-campus–selling protein shakes.  While many people think that such shakes are only for “bros” or other varieties of beefcake, the benefits they offer can and should be utilized by all wanting to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan.

You may think that calories are the only thing that factor into your workout, but you also need to consume specific types of proteins and nutrients before and after you hit the gym in order to sustain muscle development and toning!  [FYI: These are the kinds of nutrients that are mostly found in foods that are more expensive and/or difficult to make, so you are probably not getting enough!  I know I’m not!]

The secret to Shake Smart’s success can be attributed to a few factors.  For one, they offer a delicious, nutritious, low-fat product to counter all the “crap food” on our campus.  Second, they use top grade ingredients, including Optimum Nutrition protein supplements and healthy produce, including antioxidant-rich acai berries.  Third, the place is affordable as hell.  Their most expensive shake is just under $5, and they even offer accompanying meal bars.  New products are also added every so often, and the Shake Smart website allows you to pre-pay for your shake online and pick it up later–so there’s no need to tote your loose change to the gym.

My personal shake recommendation is the P-B².  It’s peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate-flavored protein powder blended into the perfect icy treat for when I’m feeling the burn.  I may not be able to afford it every time I go to the ARC, but on the off chance I have two coins to rub together, the shake is literally the highlight of my day.

Please show your support for these student entrepreneurs (and your muscles!) by giving Shake Smart a visit next time you hit the ARC!

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