New Healthy Lifestyle Subscription: Bulu Box!

Hey there, sorry about being AWOL for so long, but blogging ain’t my only gig; as professionals in career and life we often have to re-focus and take care of business! I’ve been traveling and working hard on new content, events, and working relationships for about the last month, but I wanted to share with you a great new subscription service that provides sample products to aid in living healthy and active.

I got to try the Bulu Box courtesy of my #SweatPink family, and really enjoyed what they are offering. While some boxes focus on beauty and skincare products and some focus on snacks and treats, Bulu tries to do a little of both, with the active woman in mind.

Brands included in the box ranged from the tasty to the practical, from Runa Energy Tea to Earth’s Care natural anti-itch cream. Movit Gummies, small fruit snacks for added energy, were perfect for going on a run or in my case, a long beach trek with the dog. A natural metabolism supplement from Simple Being was also in there, which I was intrigued by, but will probably have to look into purchasing a full regimen in order to properly assess the results.

The best sample in the box, hands down, was the natural chicken jerky from Fusion Jerky, with a strong lemon pepper flavor. I couldn’t even grab a photo of everything before my boyfriend ate the entire bag and moved in on the energy tea as well. Looks like he should think about getting his own subscription, ya think?!

Bulu Box is especially cool because you can pick your main focus – weight loss or just general health – and they will send you samples that cater to that. Where many subscription boxes are a one-size-fits-all, Bulu at least makes an effort to get to know their customers and their unique desires along the health and wellness journey.

Had enough of sample sizes? This box also gives you the unique opportunity to shop for the full-size version of each product, directly from the Bulu Box website. No more great finds going by the wayside!

Make sure to use the discount code SWEATPINK for 50% off a 3-month subscription to Bulu! Great deal, as most of us know subscriptions can really add up.

I’ll be writing again soon about more great products that I’ve tried. Because when the going gets tough (work, school, stress, travel) is when our best health habits come through for us.

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