Cannabis is Great For Runners – Here’s Why

Have you ever felt the “runner’s high”?

It’s a feeling of energy and euphoria that can be explained by science. A rush of endogenous cannabinoids that are released from the human brain during exercise. Recently they’ve found that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, closely mimics this healthy chemical process. Continue reading Cannabis is Great For Runners – Here’s Why

#TruthBomb Tuesday – Manifest

face the terror of never getting what you want. it will free up the power to go get it. -Danielle LaPorte Recently, I bought into a self-help philosophy that I found online. Before you judge, hear me out. I’m a very organized person. Working in agency and startup settings forced me to learn time and project management skills quickly. I use all the latest cloud … Continue reading #TruthBomb Tuesday – Manifest

The Proverbial Horse

“Getting back on the horse” is one of those phrases we hear all the time in regard to getting off-track on fitness, or really any kind of goal we are working toward. But I feel like sticking to the ride once you remount is the hardest thing in the world. How many of us are ever really okay, even years after something bad happens? We … Continue reading The Proverbial Horse

5 Ways to Feel Radiant & Beat Fatigue

Hey there, happy Friday! Did you have a hard week? Happens to the best of us. For awhile I was feeling so chronically fatigued that my moods were bordering on depressed. Around the time I started this blog, about 10 weeks ago now, I began closely watching my nutrition and exercise and making some other small, yet positive changes to my lifestyle. I’ve learned that some of the smallest … Continue reading 5 Ways to Feel Radiant & Beat Fatigue

Gettin’ Dizzy: Low Glycemic Diet PSA

Have you ever gotten a headrush from standing up too fast after sitting or sleeping? Started getting cold sweats or patchy temporary blindness from hunger? Or maybe you’ve even fainted for real (hopefully not in public, but it happens to the best of us). All of these could be symptoms of either dehydration or hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level), sometimes even a combination of the … Continue reading Gettin’ Dizzy: Low Glycemic Diet PSA