How I Became A Medical Marijuana Advocate

I would love to thank the nonprofit org CannaEffect for publishing my medical marijuana story on their website! Ever since I started this blog with my message, the support has been pleasantly surprising. I think people are really ready to start changing the way we all think about cannabis users, especially those of us patients who have “invisible” ailments.

RT to show support for medical marijuana patients

I’ll share my favorite part from my article, but you can read the rest here

“Many people, friends and family included, warned me to stay away from cannabis for the sake of my “future,” but without it I truly felt I didn’t have a future. I’ve been an activist for safe access and full legalization ever since. 

Looking ahead, I appreciate cannabis on a different level now because I actually work in the industry and see myself having a long and successful career – one where I can help others in the community share their stories, and won’t have to worry about the stigma attached to my daily medicine. I’m so grateful for all the people I have met in this community who encouraged me to never give up my involvement with this plant. Had I given up, I know I’d be a smaller and uninspired version of myself, likely in poor health. The plant has absolutely given me my life back.

In closing I want to urge each of us to regard others with more compassion. Though someone may look “normal” on the outside, we never know what kind of pain or illness that person is experiencing on the inside. That’s why I advocate for all people to be able to access medical cannabis, regardless of their age or the perceived severity of their condition. We all deserve to be the best, most healthy version of ourselves that we can possibly be. That’s what Cannabis has helped me to achieve. And that’s what I want for others.”

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