The 420 Games: How To Train for a 4.20 Mile Run

Never did I think I’d be a runner. My knock knees have always made it a difficult feat. However, nothing else has made as big an impact on my health.

After running my most recent half marathon last August (marred by injury & heat, but I finished!), I decided to take a little hiatus, especially from the long distances. I now feel tight muscles that I didn’t even know I had, and I need to address all of that before I hit the trail on another 13.1 (or full marathon). Due to my history, avoiding injury is my #1 priority so I don’t mind kicking back a little and focusing on posture and flexibility.

This is why I’m excited that The 420 Games are coming to town on Saturday, March 26! It’s a fun, no-pressure race series that advocates for an educated, healthy and active community of cannabis users.

A variety of sports are represented at the organization’s various events across California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, but this time it’s a 4.20 mile run along the Santa Monica Pier and boardwalk. Classic California fun, and the weather *should be* divine.

Like any great fun run, it’s followed by a finish line celebration with live reggae music and beer, hosted by Lagunitas Brewery. It’s going to be a great chance to kick back, relax, and meet like-minded individuals who enjoy both cannabis and fitness.

This is the perfect distance for me to get back into the running groove – a little more than a 5K, but still not too far.

So how does one train for a 4.20 mile run?

  1. Stretch daily.

    I’ve been working hard on my hamstrings, as well as my overall posture to ensure that my form is smooth and I can avoid cramping and injury.

  2. Get the 5K time down.

    Having a fast and consistent 5K is a great way to train for a short distance race like this. I haven’t hammered out a 10K in awhile, though.

  3. Rest and medicate as needed.

    With my knee continuing to stiffen and swell up as usual, I’m making sure to apply topical as needed. Currently I’m using a sample of Cannariginals that I got at an event.

Are you a runner in the area and want to be a part of this amazing community event? Lucky you – just click here or use code “HURTGURU” to receive 50% off tickets (discount shown upon selection & checkout).

I hope to see some of my friends there! Do let me know if you’ve got any tips for a successful short course run!

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