San Diego Luncheon Focuses on Improving Women’s Health with Cannabis

I’m excited to share news about a fabulous, high-end cannabis event coming to Southern California this month – the first-ever My Fair Lady luncheon, titled Improving Women’s Health with Cannabis!

This event is coming to San Diego’s Liberty Station on May 15, and will be hosted by one of my dear friends Cara who is the founder of Femme Nuri.

As far as cannabis groups go, there are several for discussing issues of business, entrepreneurship, and activism, but far fewer that focus on bringing the lifestyle full-circle and showing people all the ways this plant can be applied to daily life.

Femme Nuri brings something different to the San Diego community by focusing on educating women, especially moms, and bringing them into the fold of an industry that is bringing changing the lives of sick women and children. In addition to its medicinal properties, cannabis is quickly replacing alcohol as the stress-relieving substance of choice for moms, and Femme Nuri is sparking interest in more ways than one.

The My Fair Lady luncheon will feature outstanding female speakers, tapas, cocktails and a brunch buffet, intimate VIP lounges for those with Prop 215 identification, and a chance to mingle with some top vendors and businesspeople in the Southern California cannabis space. 

Every day I get messages from ladies of all ages, as they figure out how to be a part of the cannabis community. Perhaps they’re coming off a long hiatus from smoking and have started again for health reasons, or it’s something they’ve been hiding for far too long.

Either way,  it’s good that so many women are turning to cannabis to make a difference in their lives and those of others. This industry needs our powerful female intuition and nurturing qualities in order to stay holistic and compassionate.

I’m so happy this event is finally coming to fruition, and hope to see some of my readers there! 

Event Details

The luncheon will take place on May 15 at San Diego’s Liberty Station in Point Loma.

Seats are limited, so act fast to reserve a spot at this perfect post-Mothers’ Day soiree. Luckily, since you know the hurt guru, you’re finding out first!

Buy tickets here! 


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