Swerve Confections Review: Effective, Wholesome Edibles!

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Though I’ve been part of the ‘weed scene’ for close to 7 years now, I’ve never been much of an edible enthusiast. They’ve always been hard for me to dose, and have definitely led to some wild rides and upset stomachs over the years.

All that is changing now that companies have started crafting healthy, whole-food options for happy medicating!

In the aftermath of The 420 Games a few months back, I made the acquaintance of the team from Swerve Confections.

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Swerve is a California edibles brand that really cares about the ingredients that go into their products. As they said to me that day, “There is nothing in our edibles that doesn’t have some kind of medicinal or nutritional value.”

With natural, organic ingredients like sunflower seed, agave, maca, and Ayurvedic herbs, it’s easy to see that this brand is bringing a higher standard of quality to the market.

Swerve makes a few different kinds of products, including some melty concentrates, but I sampled their line of nutritional granola bars that come in three functional flavors:

Buzz Energy Bar

Made with natural cacao, coconut, maca and sativa-hybrid cold water hash, this is a delicious pre-workout bar for those who like a higher dosage – it’s 37mg THC for a small bite, and 150mg for a full-sized bar! I smashed out an energized and pain-free workout after eating this one.

Snuggle Bite

Cannabis is a natural sexual enhancer, so this “Aphrodisiac Bar” will definitely make you feel a bit funny 🙂 It contains raw honey, vanilla, rose petals and more to accompany the perfect night in with your special someone, or to treat symptoms associated with PMS, menopause, or other hormonal imbalances.

Snooze Bar

Knowing in advance that your edible will help you fall asleep is a beautiful thing. The Snooze Bar is made with poppy seed, Ayurvedic sleeping herbs, and cold water hash made with indica-hybrid strains that makes it the perfect healthy nightcap.

What makes each one particularly suitable for the activities mentioned? Swerve is using different types of cannabis and different Ayurvedic ingredients in each one, ensuring they match the desired effect. Certainly a futuristic, “bio-hacking” approach to medical marijuana!

If you prefer your edibles to serve a special purpose as part of your wellness routine, I would highly recommend these bars from Swerve. They work as advertised and leave you feeling nourished, not kicked in the gut.

Find Swerve Confections at a dispensary or delivery near you – California Prop 215 patients aged 18+ only as of now.

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