Revolutionary Cannabis + Tea Combos To Kill Your Pain

So many of us love a hot cup of TEA and all the benefits it can bring.

Cannabis-infused teas have been around for some time, but why not get creative?

With so many new ways to consume cannabinoids, the classic tea time is getting reinvented as a self-care and wellness essential, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s making a comeback. 

Recently I’ve found a few products that have actually really impressed me as effective and pleasant parts of my pain management routine.

Read on to hear about some cool innovations on the experience of cannabis-infused tea!

Tea Bags & Mixes

I’ve tried A LOT of cannabis teas in my day. My new favorite brand, hands down, is Kikoko, fresh out of the Bay Area.

july17 - 2.jpg

I particularly love this brand because they sell sets of 10 tea bags in beautiful, kitchen-worthy tins. Usually when you buy cannabis teas, you only get one bag, and waste the packaging almost instantly.

Right when you open the Kikoko tin, you are greeted by beautiful floral tea bags and a fresh aroma – no pot stank from this edible package!

Kikoko really stands out in that they hook the consumer up with exactly what they need for their symptoms. They use precisely metered ratios of cannabinoids within their teas, controlling the effect on the end user, much like my favorite dosist vape pens try to do.

I got the Tranquili-Tea to sample for our Coffee & Cannabis show on DCN, which packs 3mg THC (the “high” chemical in cannabis) and 5mg CBN (the “sleepy” chemical) in each individual bag.

This is a small dose of THC which will not make you euphoric or “loopy” – but that CBN kick will definitely have you asleep faster, deeper, with better dreams, and a better mood upon waking up!

I’d highly suggest the Tranquili-Tea to anyone struggling with their sleep at night. The other 3 tea varietals from Kikoko can help combat symptoms of pain, uplift the mood, or create an aphrodisiac effect. It’s all up to you! Kikoko teas are usually in stock on Eaze delivery app – check them out!

Infused Sweeteners

Another brand-new product that has been making tea times more exciting is Hello Sugar Cube! by B Edibles – aka the creators of the original cannabis cotton candy. Organic cane sugar is infused with indica-dominant cannabis oil to provide intense pain relief, even with just one 10mg sugar cube.

july17 - 3.jpg

The beauty of the cannabis sugar cube is that you can medicate your regular tea with it, rather than having to go out and try a bunch of expensive cannabis-infused tea products. Or, crush up the cubes and use them on fresh fruit, cereal, oatmeal, whatever is your preference! It’s discreet and tasty medicine for whenever you need it.

These sugar babies are sadly no longer available.

Bath Tea

Yes you read that correctly! There is now at least one “bath tea” on the market, crafted from whole hemp flowers. The extra-large hemp flower tea bags are made by east coast based company Indigo & Haze, and are also infused with rose hips and and clove oil to soothe the skin. Remember, hemp-derived product means there’s only a bit of CBD inside – not enough of the other cannabinoids to give you a head-change or mental effect.

The bath tea is pretty easy to use. First, steep the tea in the hottest water you can draw into the bath. Once it’s cooled down enough, hop in and steep yourself in the green, herby water. Though I typically use Epsom salt mixtures, this herbal bath concoction did not disappoint. After using, I felt incredibly relaxed in my muscles and pretty much collapsed into bed.

july17 - 4.jpg

I certainly liked this application a lot more than some of the other bath products I’ve tried. Many “bath bombs,” for example, tend to leave a colored stain on the bottom and sides of my tub, along with a dangerously slippery finish. This bath tea left no trace, just went down the drain without a mess.

Indigo & Haze‘s line of topicals and vapes contain only CBD, and when combined with other natural ingredients are some of the highest quality infused products available. Their store also sells cute lifestyle accessories like vintage ashtray soap dishes. Check them out if you love the finer things in hemp!

july17 - 1.jpg

Of course, you could always just smoke it, but infusing cannabinoids into delicious, functional teas makes medicating way more fun and relatable.

What are your favorite ways to consume tea + cannabis together?

One thought on “Revolutionary Cannabis + Tea Combos To Kill Your Pain

  1. I’ve been having a lot of aches lately and I’m not sure what to do. I didn’t know that you could make cannabis into tea to help with that! Maybe that’s something I should look into trying.


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