The Best Sh*t on Amazon – Fall 2019

We all love Prime shipping from Amazon – and what better excuse to take advantage than the changing of the seasons?

It’s no secret that Amazon has everything you need to restock for autumn, but it’s not always easy to tell where the best deals are.

I’m prioritizing skincare this fall (gotta keep the cells moisturized before winter dryness hits!) as well as nutrition.

My current favorites are below, and they are all affiliate linked (if you click links or images, and buy something from Amazon, I get paid).

Happy hunting! 

Konjac Sponges

These squishy face sponges are natural saviors for problem skin.


Popularized in the Korean beauty industry, the sponges are naturally derived from the konjac root, and work like a mini loofah to gently exfoliate sensitive facial skin. Wet the sponge until it’s fully saturated and softened, then massage in small circular movements to lightly buff dead skin and dirt away.

I get a six-pack every few months for $15.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Are you on the double-cleansing train? Use this facial oil on dry skin, before your preferred cleanser to remove makeup first, while increasing your cleanser’s effectiveness!dhc_deep_cleansing_face_oil.jpeg

DHC cleansing oil pleasantly removes makeup while helping to clear pores – make sure you apply it to dry skin and then massage gently. Don’t worry – it’s pretty gentle around the eyes! Rinse off with hot water, then follow with your main cleansing wash, then pat dry, and you’ll be amazed how much cleaner and plumper your skin feels.

Replenish every 45 days or so. There are several multi-packs and different size options available through Amazon.

Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

These little acne patches pack a punch when you really need a zit vanquished overnight.


I use these Avarelle acne patches to help early-stage pimples heal faster (and they work great to discourage picking, too). They come in three different sizes to ensure you always have the perfect fit for whatever situation may arise.

Use and replenish at your own pace – the pack of 40 costs $8.50 and will last two weeks or more.

Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer

Been wronged in the past? I think we all have. This time, drop a few bucks on a nail buffer that actually works.revlon_nail_buffer.jpg

At-home manicurists (like myself!) probably know all to well the frustration of trying to do salon-quality work with drugstore tools. These buffers by Revlon are the best I have used. They smooth and shine the nail, without much work on your part. Perfect for maintaining a professionally-done look on the cheap!

The buffer is only $3.40 on Amazon.

GoStax Snack Cups by BlenderBottle

Remembering to pack snacks to go has never been easier.


These stackable cups are durable, cute and compact to make prepping a breeze! I was looking for something small yet functional to house my little carbs for the office – I like to bring honey peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, trail mix, and more. Having four stackable containers, instead of just one, really makes a difference. Always good to have options!

Grab a set in your favorite color for $9-16.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Time to eat like you give a f*ck! Cheeky humor and super useful cooking education both come into play with this unique cookbook.


Eating clean is definitely on my menu for the fall, and this cookbook is stocked with outstanding plant-based recipes – and tutorials to learn new skills! My best friend got me this book for Christmas last year and it’s been so fun trying out the recipes. The Thug Kitchen crew will teach you to master the art of vegetarian cooking. Follow their podcast, Forked Up, for even more awesome content.

The cookbook is $15 or $10 for the Kindle version.


That’s it! I hope some of you find a new favorite in one of these. 🙃💕⚡️



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