The Proverbial Horse


“Getting back on the horse” is one of those phrases we hear all the time in regard to getting off-track on fitness, or really any kind of goal we are working toward. But I feel like sticking to the ride once you remount is the hardest thing in the world. How many of us are ever really okay, even years after something bad happens? We often dwell on what happened and allow it to suck our emotions and take away our control.

After a rough weekend I’m finding myself now, having broken my streak of working out and tracking my nutrition and basically having to start over, and having lost one prized $100 fitness tracking device (noooo), and some other things I am not gonna talk about.

Being physically, spiritually and mentally fit has allowed me to come out of a lot of bad experiences relatively unscathed recently, and just makes me even more grateful that I have started on this path.

I am gonna start running and never look back. Save up for a better Misfit Shine setup.

‘In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.’

-Robert Frost

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