The Chipotle Diet: How you can “munch” without outgrowing your couch…

Chipotle Logo

So lately I’ve been on a [fairly] strict diet and exercise plan in preparation for my spring break getaway to Lake Havasu, and let me tell you, it’s easier said than done for people in my predicament.  Everyone has heard that pot smokers get the “munchies”, but is it really that bad?  The answer is YES–I am not joking around when I say that I have been known to singlehandedly kill an entire Domino’s medium pizza, a box of cereal, and a pint of ice cream.  In a single night.  And don’t even get me started on the juicy temptations of fast food.

Luckily there is mercy in the world–believe it or not, one of your favorite fast food restaurants may be healthier for you than you think.  I’m talking about Chipotle, the Mexican grill that took America by storm in the early 2000s and now operates a store conveniently located on the San Diego State campus.  In searching for some calorie information on my favorite foods, I discovered The Chipotle Diet–yes that’s right, you CAN actually use Chipotle as a healthy meal, even several days a week, without packing on the pounds!

The first secret is simple–lose the tortilla, rice, and beans.  These parts of the burrito carry most of the calories and carbs–you can skip a lot of the bad stuff by ordering a Burrito Bol instead.  The rest is even easier–along with your meat of choice, load up on fresh lettuce, salsas, and delicious grilled fajita veggies to give your Bol some killer nutrients.  According to the testimonials on the site, you can even go crazy with guacamole, sour cream, and cheese and STILL lose weight by sticking to the diet!

Personally, I don’t stick to the diet as hardcore as instructed.  Since I always order vegetarian anyway, I allow myself half-portions of rice and beans rather than eliminating them entirely.  But I must admit, I do always feel great after I finish a Chipotle Burrito Bol.  I’m glad that people have discovered a way to take its deliciousness and turn it into an amazing weight loss success story!

So now you know what you have to do to look good in that bikini this year: head to Chipotle!  You can thank me later ;).

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