Rediscovering Love for the Elliptical

Both before and after The 420 Games, I wanted to maintain cardio and leg strength without necessarily putting in a lot of running miles, as I’m still working on some flexibility and mobility issues with my one of my legs.

Enter one of my very favorite cardio machines, one that I’ve been neglecting for far too long! Continue reading Rediscovering Love for the Elliptical

What It’s Like When Your Boyfriend is a Personal Trainer

He frequently breaks out into a stretch or exercise, even in a questionable setting. He’s a stickler for healthy diet – exceptions for his guilty pleasure french fries, of course.

Because of my boyfriend I have stayed very linked to the fitness world and learned so much about how to improve my body, diet and exercise plan. It’s almost like having a trainer, without having to pay for one! Continue reading What It’s Like When Your Boyfriend is a Personal Trainer

#TruthBomb Tuesday – Manifest

face the terror of never getting what you want. it will free up the power to go get it. -Danielle LaPorte Recently, I bought into a self-help philosophy that I found online. Before you judge, hear me out. I’m a very organized person. Working in agency and startup settings forced me to learn time and project management skills quickly. I use all the latest cloud … Continue reading #TruthBomb Tuesday – Manifest

Keeping Healthy in A Culture Obsessed with “Being Busy”

Lots has been written regarding the semantics and the psychology that goes with constantly being busy. We office workers tend to brag to one another about how “buried” we are with work. The loads we bear professionally bring pride into our lives, but you have to remember to take care of yourself. Continue reading Keeping Healthy in A Culture Obsessed with “Being Busy”

#ThursdayTriumph featuring ClassPass

Hey friends, having a busy short week as I come off of the holiday weekend, and prepare to fly home for my best friend’s graduation festivities. But I also made a TON of time to workout this week and I’m grateful for my relative discipline! So in the spirit of my San Diego blogger friends Smitha, Linzie, and Carlee, I decided to participate in the … Continue reading #ThursdayTriumph featuring ClassPass