Go with Gratefulness

These days I’m grateful for a lot. Gratitude is more than a thought or emotion, it’s a state of being that allows you to create your very own positive feedback loop. By appreciating what you have, you assign meaning to your life and begin to take pride in yourself, leading to better physical and mental health. This also helps avoid the distraction of material desires.

Of course there are things I want and need, but on a deeper level, here’s what I’m grateful for:

  • My relative good health which allows me to run, swim, bike and lift weights regularly.
  • A job where I learn everyday, and my education which got me here.
  • Second to the job, a paycheck that allows me to pay my bills/student loans AND occasionally gadgets/festival tickets.
  • My essential financial know-how, necessary for living a mile from the beach without going broke.
  • Cool clouds in the mornings to break up the San Diego sunshine.
  • Amazing new healthy food products and fitness devices/apps coming out every other day.
  • My incredible relationship that keeps growing in love and dedication.
  • A small stretch of downhill to sail down on my bike.
  • Having a little animal to take care of and love unconditionally.
  • The wind blowing the salty smells of the beach through my neighborhood.
  • Bloggers and cannabis industry people around me who give great advice and support my dreams.
  • My supportive parents and extended family.
  • All of my life experiences (good or bad) that have ultimately shaped the person I am today.
  • Last but not least I’m also grateful to be a #SweatPink ambassador (an amazing community of female bloggers!).

What are you grateful for? And do you remind yourself daily? Make gratitude your personal mantra for success and reap the benefits of the things you already have in your life.

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