#ThursdayTriumph featuring ClassPass

Hey friends, having a busy short week as I come off of the holiday weekend, and prepare to fly home for my best friend’s graduation festivities. But I also made a TON of time to workout this week and I’m grateful for my relative discipline!

So in the spirit of my San Diego blogger friends Smitha, Linzie, and Carlee, I decided to participate in the #ThursdayTriumph linkup and spread the good vibes. 

If you’ve heard of ClassPass then you know it’s the priciest damn fitness program around! For $99/month you can take classes at dozens of studios in your area (assuming you live in a metropolis they serve). It always sounded cool to me to be able to try out lots of different gyms, but at that price, let’s just say it’s a luxury subscription service a little above my income tax bracket.

So I was obviously THRILLED to find a 2-week free trial offer in the Spam folder of my email, of all places (good thing I’m probably the only person who scours my junk email for deals). So thanks Cosmo for the tip. Not sure how I even get Cosmo emails but that’s a mystery for another day.

So far this week I’ve visited two different studios. Early Tuesday morning before work, I did an amazing FIT60 Sculpt Yoga class at Yoga Six in my neighborhood. Talk about a sophisticated space – the yoga classes I’ve gone too have typically been held in a gym or some other multipurpose space, but this one was just for yoga. Clean, with a soft floor I was a little bummed at first because I thought it was regular, relaxing yoga when in fact it was hardcore yoga with lots of movement and weights. With the warm heat on it was definitely a calorie burner! But the instructor, Gina, was awesome and had so much energy I was motivated and felt ready to start my day afterward.

Then last night I went to TITLE Boxing Club in North Park. I was really excited to go hit the bag again! I boxed for about a year at another gym in the area, San Diego Combat Academy, but once I started working full-time and running a lot more, the gym schedule didn’t fit my lifestyle. Marissa was one of the toughest teachers I’d ever had and we did some heavy bag workout and a TON of abs to round it all out.

BOTH of my classes played super loud, super ravey electronic music…which I must say had me confused. I thought most people in the “real world” still weren’t down for that kind of sound. Personally I thought it was too loud at times and kind of distracted from the connection with the instructor teaching the class, but it definitely kept my energy and speed up for the duration of the class.

So with those two classes, plus a hard swim and my half marathon training runs, that’s 5 days in a row of vigorous exercise! Typically with my busy schedule I get like 3 days a week tops, and rarely contiguous days.

As a runner, it’s important to cross train to work different muscles and achieve full body strength and endurance. Though I love the solitude of my runs, I had definitely been neglecting my strength training and upper body. I’m proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone and taking some group classes.

And while I probably won’t actually be able to pay for a subscription anytime soon – ClassPass – you rock. 

Bloggers, join us on Thursdays to share your Triumphs!

3 thoughts on “#ThursdayTriumph featuring ClassPass

    1. it’s definitely tough to work new things into the routine. after scrambling to find parking in North Park and being late i remembered why i go to my local 24 hour gym!


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