#TruthBomb Tuesday: Light

The light never lies. -Danielle LaPorte Whenit comes to setting goals, striking new personal relationships or business partnerships, always be moving toward the light. If a person, prospect, offer or opportunity doesn’t light you up inside, simply move away from it. šŸ’”šŸ”„ May not seem that easy, but it is. Your feelings can really be your guide. Continue reading #TruthBomb Tuesday: Light

5 Ways to Feel Radiant & Beat Fatigue

Hey there, happy Friday! Did you haveĀ a hard week? Happens to the best of us. For awhile I was feeling so chronically fatigued that my moods were bordering on depressed. Around the time I started this blog, about 10 weeks ago now, I began closely watching my nutrition and exercise and making someĀ other small, yetĀ positive changes to my lifestyle. I’ve learned thatĀ some of the smallest … Continue reading 5 Ways to Feel Radiant & Beat Fatigue