Pill Alternative to Coffee/Energy Drinks – Would You Try It?

Are you the kind of person who CAN’T LIVE without your morning coffee? How about that lunchtime soda, or worse, energy drinks? Have you tried to quit unsuccessfully, but return to these beverages because you have a demanding career, work long hours or have a killer commute?

I’ve been interested in nootropics for a long time, and finally got the chance to try some out for myself, courtesy of Nootrobox. These things been called by many names in the media lately, like “smart pills” or “cognitive enhancement” drugs or supplements, but really what they are varies by manufacturer.

In a nutshell, a nootropic is a supplement, usually in capsule form, that contains a cocktail of substances thought to boost energy and alertness, typically caffeine and B vitamins as well as other patented or patent-pending compounds. It’s not all that different from the energy drink you’re used to sipping on, minus the sugar and other “juicy” materials that are hardly healthy.

What nootropics are NOT: Adderall or any other amphetamine, or those pills from the movie “Limitless.” Those still don’t exist as far as anyone knows, though we seem to be getting pretty close.


So for nootropics to be touted as the secret brain fuel of Silicon Valley programmers, well, I think that’s a little silly. They are probably not going to do anything for you other than what you already get from your regular caffeine delivery system won’t. The benefits in the capsules lie mostly in what they’re leaving OUT, like sugar, aspartame, what have you.

Nootrobox sent me a complimentary 1-week supply of SPRINT supplement to try out; it’s their mental focus supplement that helps you get into your “flow state” immediately and get things done. The company also makes products for long-term mental health and stress control, sleep, and even chewable coffee cubes.

I’ll tell you right now – I’m not going to debate on the health risks or benefits of nootropics in comparison to anything else out there. Caffeine is a drug and you should probably ask your doctor before going on any kind of daily drug regimen. However, based on my personal experience, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to kick a bad soft drink or energy drink habit.

While I only had a small supply of SPRINT, as a long time soda and Rockstar drinker, I definitely noticed the short-term benefits of a nootropic capsule over an energy drink. For one, the alertness effects lasted much longer. The capsule kicked in quickly, but almost had a time-release effect, as I felt a pretty consistent energy level throughout the entire day as opposed to just a few hours. I also avoided the “crash” – though I typically attribute that come-down feeling to sugar rather than the caffeine itself.

In desperately trying to cut back on energy drinks, I’m noticing they’re starting to taste worse and worse with every sip. I’m definitely taking a serious look at nootropic regimens to replace my liquid caffeine intake. Though it seems like a big investment up front, it’s really just a different cost model, when you think about how much coffee and soda you purchase on a whim when you’re at work, on the road or out eating at a restaurant.

Interested in trying a regimen for yourself, or sharing these products with friends or family? I’d appreciate it if you use my affiliate link 🙂 http://nootrobox.com?channel=CQIauocw

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