Get Elevated with Ganja Yoga

Hi friends, I come to you finally able to blog after a relaxing experience I had over the weekend!

Being in the cannabis industry, I get invited to a lot of cool events, and I happen to be involved with some very badass female activists and entrepreneurs. Typically, we get together for networking events or trade show afterparties, so when I was invited to a girls’ social yoga day centered around cannabis, I obviously had to say yes.

My good friend Adelia, of Direct Cannabis Network, had rented out a luxurious mansion in the La Jolla hills, accompanied by one of the most gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. She invited Dee Dussault, the creator of Ganja Yoga in Toronto and San Francisco, who flew out especially for this event. We all began socializing out by the infinity pool and knew that this was going to be a cool event.

My last experience with yoga took me out of my shell a little bit, as I met other fitness bloggers in a private event setting for the first time. There were some challenging body weight poses that engaged the muscles and actually made me pretty sore and tired.

This time was different – about a dozen ladies and myself all rolled out our mats by the pool and formed a circle, lighting and passing 3 joints around, laughing, doing introductions and chatting about our various connections to the cannabis industry.

The poses we did at this class were much more relaxing – and conducive to the joints we had partaken in beforehand. Most of the poses were sitting or laying on the mat, and getting a good stretch in on the legs, hips and chest; all important for women, especially me since I work at a computer all day!

Medicating beforehand seriously made all the difference for my yoga practice. With cannabis you can really forget about your stresses and worries of the week, put them out of your mind and relax your body and mind to be ready for yoga and meditation. For me, it tends to help me “get into my body” a little more than usual, and in the moment, really feel the stretch, burn, and release of tense muscles. Not to mention it’s a great social tool and allowed all the attendees to make friends and be relaxed around one another for the duration of the activities.

Photo Credit: Vera Macanlalay, Direct Cannabis Network
Photo Credit: Vera Macanlalay, Direct Cannabis Network

No matter your skill level, I would highly recommend trying cannabis to enhance your yoga practice, or really any physical activity. Cannabis stimulates the endocannabinoid system inside your body – the same system that regulates the “runner’s high.”

These Herbally Enhanced Yoga classes will be taking place more often in Southern California now that a teacher has been found to host the class. Click the link or contact me for more info if you live in the area and would be interested in checking it out 🙂

8 thoughts on “Get Elevated with Ganja Yoga

  1. I LOVE medicating before I practice yoga. I especially love using pain balm before my yin practice. Loved reading this, keep bein a rad chick! If you ever travel to Flagstaff, AZ I’d love to do some canna-yogs 😀

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