Cannabis is Great For Runners – Here’s Why

Have you ever felt the “runner’s high”?

It’s a feeling of energy and euphoria that can be explained by science. A rush of endogenous cannabinoids and endorphins that are released from the human brain during exercise. These chemicals work hard to regulate the systems of your body and keep you free of pain and inflammation so you can keep your endurance up. Recently they’ve found that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, closely mimics this healthy chemical process

Tons of people tell me they simply hate running. Well, if the runner’s high doesn’t come as easily to you, or if you are more experienced and looking for a way to push your running to the limit, cannabis may be for you!

As a supplement to a clean diet and regular training program, weed is a favorite trail buddy for the casual or serious jogger. Even many of those crazy ultra-marathoners attribute their success on the trail to the plant. 

Some of the immediate and chronic benefits of cannabis use for runners:

  1. Relaxation & Good Vibes
  2. Music Enhancement
  3. Improved Lung Capacity
  4. Laser-Focused Attitude
  5. Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Relieving Properties

I personally love running on cannabis; it’s such a positive feeling, and has helped me cope with my chronic pain and push my body to new limits. What used to be a desperate and painfully exhausting activity has become a major source of solitude and personal growth in my fitness journey.

As I’ve been somewhat sitting out due to injury this year, I’ve been missing running so much! I really hope some of you are experiencing these same benefits and getting that runner’s high!

Want to know more? I recently wrote a detailed piece for Merry Jane on the subject.

Full article


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