My Day with The Pink Haze (Photos)

the best sh_t on amazon.

Recently I connected with some fantastic women here in San Diego after they graciously invited me over for a lunch-and-sesh with more of our city’s power ladies in cannabis.

They call themselves Pink Haze, and they are here to elevate women’s lives!ย 

Not only are they developing their own unique brand of pre-rolled joints and accessories boutique, they are also giving back to the community every month by hosting The Pink Sesh. It’s an opportunity for women at all levels of the cannabis community to get together, network, and relax. So many great connections have been made and SO many laughs and friendships have been sparked.

This brand absolutely embodies what it is like to be a smart, savvy, sexy, cannabis-consuming woman on the west coast.

The final designs for their pre-rolls were recently completed, so you’ll be seeing their products in southern California very soon!

A big part of their social media strategy is linking up with local ladies in the community – lovingly referred to as Pink Haze Muses – creating fun lifestyle photo content for their current and future Instagram campaigns.

Of course I accepted when they asked me to be a Muse for the day!

For my Pink Haze adventure, I hung around listening to some classic vinyl records, then moved to one of my favorite hobbies – blasting the coloring book with some easy art.

Next, we went out on the town for some fun skateboarding pics, and then to one of my very favorite Bohemian coffee spots, Lestat’s on Park.

We finished up on the sunny streets of San Diego with a floppy hat, prism spectacles, and of course some glitter.

The result is a totally modern, edgy portrait of the female cannabis consumer. Together we are helping erase the stigma! Check out my favorites below.

Thanks to the Pink Haze ladies and Five Wands Studio for making me feel like a total smoke show!



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