Stay True To California Cannabis with Caliva

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Checking in with all my friends to promote an awesome new product line! This is one you are sure to love if you’re looking for a reliable brand of cannabis flower and vaporizer cartridges.

Caliva is well into the launch of their beautifully-branded eighths of flower, as well as their signature vape oil pods for the revolutionary new Gio device by GPen.

Their flower is top-notch, and their vape pods are absolutely perfect for all your plans – the beach, traveling, snowboarding, festivals – you name it. And their strain selection is doing California proud!!

The best part? All their products are available on Eaze, who can deliver them to most CA cities within a half hour. So if you want to try Caliva, sign up with me and get $20 off your first Eaze order.

Scroll down to learn more about what Caliva is bringing to the table!

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California is famous for its affordable, high-quality weed, but these days, finding cannabis that’s good AND affordable can be a big challenge. Taxation and regulation have bumped the price of a dispensary eighth from $50 to around $70 in some parts of our state!

Every once in awhile I like to supplement my dabs with flower, without breaking the bank.

That’s where a company like Caliva can really make its mark. Caliva’s eighths of flower are selling for only $39 (plus tax). The eighths come in extremely cute boxes fit for a connoisseur. Your smoking buddies are sure to be wowed when the driver shows up with these little packages.

It doesn’t hurt that Caliva carries 3 amazing strains – two of which are in my top 10! Their BlackJack provides an even sativa-dominant high, while their Alien OG provides potent psychoactivity and pain relief.


The vape oil pods are even more my style than the excellent flowers. One hit is all you need to feel the effect; you really feel like you are getting your money’s worth with these pods.

If you know me, you know I love a good vape pen for events, travel, and especially music festivals. Caliva’s new line has definitely made me a believer in their product quality, and definitely satisfied my itch for a new vape experience.

I tried the Day Dream (hybrid strain) pod from Caliva, and it’s now my go-to vape cartridge. A half-gram of oil lasted surprisingly long (more than a week!) and I couldn’t get enough of the clean flavor and huge vape clouds provided by this sample. Day Dream is rich with smells of pine and citrus to give you a smooth, uplifting, high-THC vibe for any time of the day.

I loved it so much, I bought their sativa-dominant Classic Jack pod for a festival weekend. I like this one too, but Day Dream really takes the cake for me. Still yet to try their Cali OG indica pod.

At $40 per pod, Caliva is right on point with the other popular vape companies on the market – with a positive experience you can count on.

Now, let’s talk about the hardware. The Gio by GPen is by far the most discreet, fuss-free vape pen I have ever used!

CALIVA - 3.jpg

I’ve noticed lately that people are finally getting wise to the popularity of vape pens.

They’re everywhere now, and their signature long shape and golden liquid-filled chamber are a dead giveaway that you’re smoking weed in a public place.

Gio conceals your precious oil inside a sleek black body. Its shape also protects the pod from bumps and bruises, so it’s super durable!

The pen itself is small, thin, and incredibly easy to stash in a small backpack, purse or pocket, and could even pass for a USB drive if anyone were to ask about it.

One thing I wish it could do is change the temperature for different vaping experiences – but maybe on a future edition.

The pen battery itself costs $30, but I have a feeling it will last me a long time.

I love this kit, and can’t wait to see what Caliva does in the future. They understand the balance between quality and affordability, and they’re playing the game beautifully!

CALIVA - 1.jpg

Want to try these products for yourself? Don’t forget they’re all on Eaze.


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