April is Adult Learn-To-Swim Month

I just found out that it’s Adult Learn to Swim Month (not officially, but it should be!) so I want to show my support for this cause before April runs out!! Watch this video to learn why Swimming Saves Lives.

Cardio comes in many different forms, but for those of us who like to move fast, the same old activity can get really boring after awhile.

I grew up playing almost every kind of sport, but finally landed on swimming from age 9-16. My events were the ones nobody else wanted to swim: butterfly, distance freestyle, and the distance IM (all four strokes).

Swimming is really an sport because there’s virtually no impact and you can continue with it well into your old age. On the contrary, you can also get really good at it and pump out some sweet calorie-burning sessions if you have access to a lap pool, or use it as a light therapy workout when you have an injury.

Personally, I love to hop in the pool sometimes instead of running, especially when my legs are sore. It’s my goal to join Masters Swimming soon and get back to my roots.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to an outdoor lap pool, then summer is the perfect time to start swimming some laps! You can enjoy the outdoors and work on your tan while also working up a sweat (yes, you can sweat underwater, and it feels great!).

Ready to get started? I found a great resource called GoSwim.TV that can help train swimmers at any level! For a free membership you can view some limited lesson videos, or upgrade to a monthly membership for premium content! I’m signed up and hoping I can drill some discipline back into my stroke technique. Always learning.

Next week I’ll share some tips for the uber-beginner on what you need to prepare yourself to swim for fitness!  

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