Hitting the Reset Button

The other day, as I hit the sidewalk for my inaugural 2-mile run of the new year, I thought to myself, “Hey. This isn’t so bad.”

Truth is, I’ve been out of the fitness and blogging game for way too long (due to a hamstring issue and a busy work schedule), and I’m hopping hard onto the fitness resolution bandwagon everybody has been talking about.

But really, it’s a great bandwagon to be on.ย 

Whether you choose to set attainable goals throughout the year, or choose to reset your goals based on an arbitrary Western institutional calendar – YOU DO YOU, gurl. Let’s not downplay anyone’s dreams just because they’ve announced it at a basic time.

I, for one, like waiting for the New Year because it means the old one is OFFICIALLY gone forever. Plus, I typically get a few days off from work around this time. It’s perfect for relaxing and re-grounding myself after a frazzling couple of months spent planning, buying gifts, traveling, and dealing with family obligations.

What are my big goals for this year?

  • Run 300ย miles – A retry of last year’s goal; I only made it to 200.
  • Run a mile under 7 minutes – Again, repeat from last year’s failure!
  • Start writing my book
  • Travel to Europe for Christmas

I’m more excited about the steps I’ve taken to manage my goals and my time this year. I’ve been tapping into books on meditation, personal discovery, mindful living, innovation and leadership, and I can’t wait to share what I’m learning.

I even have a huge package coming in the mail from outstanding life coach and author Danielle LaPorte – including The Desire Map and corresponding journal and day planner to help me successfully visualize and manifest my desires for the year. Jealous? Get your own!

This past year I got a lot of sh*t done.

I ran my second half marathon, bought a bike AND a new car, got some much-appreciated and long-awaited attention for my writing (including a Miss High Times nomination!), settled somewhat into a career that rewards and fulfills me, helped launch a new company, and realized that complete health is not only a combination of all the everyday things that we eat and do, but that health also lies inย howย we go about our lives and the energy we radiate.

Expect to see more of this in 2016:

  • Yoga flows for specific problem areas
  • Medical cannabis product reviews (edibles, topicals and accessories!)
  • Swimming drills & workouts
  • Healthy cheats and choices for the busy and fit lifestyle
  • Information on mindfulness and meditation
  • Insight on leadership, personal development and goal setting

Thanks for being along for the ride, and sharing my posts as you see appropriate. Let’s redefine our lifestyles together this year.



4 thoughts on “Hitting the Reset Button

  1. Yay for a new year & new goals!

    You should really check out my friend at Flying Swami Yoga. I’ve been practicing with her for over year now, and it’s really helped me out on personal discovery, mindfulness, and of course getting stronger (emotionally and physically). It’s Shivananda style, so there’s a lot of breathing exercises and all that jazz. I think I’ve invited you to like her FB page. ;P

    Anyways, happy New Years ! Let’s hang out soon. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to check it out! We’re moving in a month so I might have to say goodbye to my gym. Looking for a lap pool and some yoga yo replace it


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