#TruthBomb Tuesday – Manifest

face the terror of never getting what you want. it will free up the power to go get it.

-Danielle LaPorte


Recently, I bought into a self-help philosophy that I found online. Before you judge, hear me out.

I’m a very organized person. Working in agency and startup settings forced me to learn time and project management skills quickly. I use all the latest cloud and productivity software to manage my various schedules, relationships, and communications for work and personal life.

Even with all my tricks, I still learned more last year about how to rethink my priorities and plan my life than I ever knew existed. It’s really coming in handy now that things aren’t working out so well – not that things have ever been working out THAT well. I’m in my early 20s after all.

One writer whose method I find particularly enthralling is Danielle LaPorte, a powerhouse former corporate lady who completely started over by following her true desires and living as an artist. She published the bestselling book The Fire Starter Sessions in 2012, and is now a successful author and life coach.

After careful consideration of all the products (and wondering whether this was even right for me), I decided that one of her signature gift bundles online would be my New Year present to myself.

In the package were The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul with corresponding Journal and Day Planner and a curious deck of cards in a white box – called Truth Bombs. It’s all meant to help you as an individual figure out what core feelings you truly desire, and then planning out what you need to do in your daily life to attain those feelings.

While the journal and planner are FABULOUS, and the books are proving some of the most insightful ever, I’ve gotta say the Truth Bombs are really doing it for me on a daily motivational level.

Each card has a different message written on the back in Danielle’s handwriting. Some of them are just short phrases or feeling words, but others are so damn relatable you feel like she literally wrote it to you. I flip through them all the time, tape them up around my workspace, and I have a feeling they’re really going to help guide me to think positive thoughts and manifest the desires I have yet to completely figure out.

So with that, I’ve decided I’m going to share one every Tuesday to motivate and resonate. You can even download a mobile app for this – just shake it to reveal new #TruthBombs.

Pretty genius if you ask me!

Would you use a method like this to help you realign your thinking?

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